What Is Integrative Medicine and Why Should I Care?

Hey guys! I’m so excited to start podcasting about health topics for Niche Radio and to kick things off I attended the Pan African Congress on Integrative Medicine (http://integrativemedicinecongress.com) out at the Spier Wine Estate & Farm in Cape Town. Health and medical practitioners from all over the world descended upon the Mother City to discuss the future of healthcare: Integrative Medicine. According to the South African Institute of Integrative Medicine (http://integrativemedicine.co.za/about/),
“Integrative Medicine recognises the holistic and unique nature of human beings, which encompasses physio-energetic information systems. It investigates the multifactorial causes of disease. In this approach the practitioner and the sick individual form a team working towards an integrated protocol of management best suited for that person. The priority is to support health using the least invasive and most natural approach; this does not exclude symptomatic treatment of disease, where appropriate.”

I chatted to the Congress convener, Dr Bernard Brom, a practicing Integrative doctor for more than 35 years and we chat about what IM is and why it’s taken this long to change the mindsets of the medical world, the idea of non-drug doctors as well as why he decided to give up medicine over forty years ago!