Dr Daniel Weber

Heraclitus said that the only constant in life is change, yet it appears that we as humans are struggling to adapt to the constantly changing world we find ourselves living in. And as the speed of that change increases, we need mechanisms and hacks to help us adapt, slow down and respond to life as opposed to merely reacting. One of these hacks, believe it or not, is better communication! Ha! Who would have thought we can talk our way to better health?!

Well, I absolutely loved my chat with the incredibly dapper and super intelligent, Dr Daniel Weber because his thoughts on diseases such as cancer are quite refreshing: he believes that cancer in the body is a breakdown of communication within the cells and that this is a mirror of current, modern-day life! He refers to social media as the ‘junk food of communication’ because it offers us all the bells and whistles, but with no real nutritional value! Isn’t that true! Now I’m not knocking social media, it certainly has its place and carries a great deal of benefits and without it how would I communicate with you? But, as with anything in life, if something is not used for its intended or true purpose, that constitutes abuse (misuse) and we can definitely abuse social media, using it in a manner that doesn’t necessarily serve us. We are thus challenged by Dr Weber to transform our thinking around communication, which can lead to transformative health!

You can follow Dr Weber’s blog and access his resources on http://www.panaxea.com/index-newwebsite.php/about-daniel-weber.html and if you, or someone you know, is fighting cancer check out his blog on http://integrativecancernetwork.com http://integrativecancernetwork.com.

This interview was recorded at the Pan African Congress on Integrative Medicine: http://integrativemedicinecongress.com