Health Emancipation: you are the captain of your ship!

Interview with Dr Dalal Akoury

This interview felt like I was chatting to a philosopher, a sage or a spiritual healer and not a doctor. It is very esoteric or philosophical in nature but then again I’m reminded that the word doctor means teacher and as you listen, you gather that that is exactly Dr Akoury’s heart. She is a doctor who clearly believes in empowering people, not just her patients. In fact, I found it alarming that when I initially heard Dr Dalal Akoury ( describe the position I should hold in my personal health journey as being the ‘captain of my ship’, I felt a powerful sense of empowerment. I had to ask myself where and when did I actually lose that power? When did you lose yours? Chances are you may have never felt in charge of your own health journey and hopefully, that changes today!

Dr Akoury urges us to continue seeking our healing, to take charge and lead the journey, all the while remembering that medical professionals are there to guide and assist you in charting a course to better health. There is a caveat though: you are now responsible to educate yourself so that you know more, you are required to ask more, to actually give a hoot and engage with your doctor! If you want to take up that role of captain, the onus is on you to become a different patient!

In this podcast we discuss stress - it’s not what you think it is. We also talk about the mental shift you need to make in order to combat the stress you cannot control, developing an attitude of gratitude, the power of breathing and how to begin your day in a cleansed way!