Dr Laskery

Today’s episode is a #DoctorSpotlight: an opportunity to get to know a doctor; what they believe in, what they stand for and to just develop a feel for who they are. I met Dr Laskery (www.icwcape.wix.com/icwcape )

at the Pan African Congress on Integrative Medicine (PACIM) in Cape Town. She was one of the younger faces in the audience of over 200 specialists and practitioners, which for me is quite exciting. Why? Well, the concepts in integrative medicine are based in age-old traditions and from my experience, the old guards of medicine acknowledge IM, its place and its numerous benefits to their patients but the challenge lies in convincing many of today’s doctors and specialists about the merits of including complimentary practices into their current model of treatment. The cohort of Baby Boomer/Gen X doctors have really been trained up in the disease diagnosis manner of treating patients and they’re from an era where patients somehow ceased to be considered people. Fortunately, that’s not the case with Dr Sedicka Laskery, who has been mentored and trained by PACIM convenor and SA Society of Integrative Medicine founder, Dr Bernard Brom. She believes that Integrative Medicine is about bringing the science and heart medicine together, allowing a doctor to see a patient as a person – someone with hopes and dreams – not just a human presenting with symptoms of a disease that needs to be treated.

In this episode, she talks to us about why she decided to pursue this avenue of medicine, the various lifestyle factors she uses to treat her patients, the benefits of natural birth we often don’t discuss, her personal struggle with dermatitis as well as some practical gut healing steps you can implement today!