Don’t smell the cork! An unusual masterclass on wine.

This was meant to be a serious interview about the preservatives in wine – specifically the sulfites in wine that cause intolerances and allergic reactions such as sinusitis, itchy skin, IBS, hot flushes so much more. We were meant to discuss why organic wine is supposedly better for your health but instead the entire interview turned out to be a fun, entertaining yet extremely informative chat about how wine is produced; why South African wine is one of the best in the world, what it takes to become a sommelier and the biggest faux-pas wine lovers can commit: smelling the cork! We discover that organic wine isn’t necessarily better and we get some great insight into the wine industry from someone who has lived and worked in it since he was a teen.

This week’s podcast is brought to you by Kleerwine. I was intrigued –and rather skeptical, when I first came across their unique product. They claim to reduce allergic reactions caused by sulfites in wine with just one drop per glass AND without altering the taste! Mmmmmm…..I sense your skepticism as well, but my doubts were put to rest when Francis Krone, certified sommelier, wine agent and entrepreneur, verified that he could not pick up any variations to the taste of a glass of wine after a drop of KleerWine was added to his glass of wine and Francis has a rather sophisticated palate and a keen sense of taste!

It’s a long one but a super informative one. We barely felt the hour go by, neither will you!

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This episode is brought to you by KleerWine, Kleerwine reduces the effects of preservatives (Sulphites) within wine, without altering the taste!