Sex, Intimacy & Saving Your Marriage

Have you forgotten what initially attracted you to your partner? How can you rekindle desire for your spouse? Why is it easier to fantasize about someone else and not your spouse or partner and why is sex so darn important to men?! In this week’s episode, Intimacy Coach Tracy Ziman Jacobs shares why she is passionate about saving marriages. Having gone through a divorce herself, Tracy is transparent is he coaching and uses her personal life experience to draw on real examples of what works and what can be improved in a relationship. Tracy has embarked on a journey to help people intimately reconnect with themselves first and, by virtue of doing so, with others. In this episode, she tackles controversial issues such as sexual exploration in young children and how this affects our sex lives later in life; how the misinterpretation of religious beliefs can negatively impact sex and she also wrestles with the elusive question: what do women really want? Finally, she encourages spouses to find the fantasy within their marriage and start swinging from chandeliers! A great one for singles and those in relationships.



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