8 Nov What can be done to address the issue of undocumented migrants in SA?

In what was described as "historic" last week, the Executive Mayor of Johannesburg, Herman Mashaba signed an agreement with the African Diaspora Forum, ADF. This, was after the lobby group had complained to the South African Human Rights Commission earlier this year, that the Mayor's alleged discriminatory comments had the potential to spark anti-immigrant emotions. Many other issues surfaced during our discussion, including challenges around documentation of foreign nationals. The African Diaspora Forum lambasted the Department of Home Affairs, alleging that the department does not even know how many foreign nationals there are, in the country.

On the Forum@8 Sakina Kamwendo revisits the conversation with Chairperson of African Diaspora Forum, Marc Gbaffoun and Johannesburg Mayor, Herman Mashaba' spokesperson, Tony Taverna -Turisan
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