Juicing the RIGHT way with Juice 4 Joy

The jury is still out on whether juicing is indeed beneficial for one’s health. Those in favour of juicing – extracting the liquid from fruit and vegetables without the fiber and pulp (smoothies contact the pulp and therefore the fiber), believe that it allows for quicker and better absorption of the phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals, gives the digestive system a break (because it doesn’t have to break down fiber) and thus the body can spend its energy on reparative processes and healing as opposed to digestion. Conversely, those opposing juicing say it’s often not done well: people include too many fruits and not enough veg, which ultimately spikes insulin levels very much the same way eating sugar would, and it lacks the necessary fibre to regulate digestion. Then you have those who meet in the middle and recommend smoothies, where the fruit and veg are liquefied thus easing digestion but the fibre is still contained thus preventing an insulin spike. In this episode, we discuss exactly this and why life & health coach, Lynda Stanton developed Juice 4 Joy. She speaks about the way juicing should be done and strategies to employ when attempting a cleanse or a detox.

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