How Badly Do You REALLY Want That New Year’s Resolution?

Happy New Year!!

LOL I know it’s waaaaaaay past that! It’s already February! But it’s my first podcast of 2018 so it feels rather incomplete starting it without the wish J

As a first episode for the new year, I thought I’d tackle the New Year Resolution… perhaps too much of an obvious choice but here’s why: As we begin February, some of you will be on track with the goals that you set for the year, however most of you would have started out with a bang but your thunder is barely a fizzle by now and you somehow sunk back into old – and bad – habits, leaving you feeling somewhat demoralized and despondent because change can often be so darn hard and habits only for with consistency! If this is you (or at least to some extent) then chin up champ, you still have 11 months to achieve what you set out to!!!

Life Coach, Roz Sandham, gives us some practical insights into setting New Year’s resolutions that can actually be realized and it starts with getting REAL!