ANC statement on International Mental Health day

For Immediate Release
10 October 2018


The African National Congress joins the world in its observation of International Mental Health Day.
In 1893, French sociologist, Emile Durkheim warned of the concept of ‘anomie’. Essentially anomie is because of rapid industrialisation of capitalist society, people become alienated from one another. As people in a society we need each other, we require social solidarity to thrive. With the advent of the fall of the Soviet Union, the centred-ness of globalisation, and the advent of the technological revolution, especially the realm of virtual reality and social media, people have become increasingly alienated from one another- disconnected from their communities.
Enormous economic challenges have grown, with greater pressures to get gainful employment in a rapidly shrinking labour market, limited income generation opportunities, -the young and the old feel the pressures, strains, and stresses of post-modern society.
As such the ANC recognise the burdens of mental strain our people feel today. We also acknowledge that occurrences like the Life Esidemeni should never occur again. As we sort out As South Africans, we have always been able to come together to overcome local, national and global challenges. Today as we confront the growing rates of suicide and occurrences of depression and nervous breakdowns, as much as our government must play its role, the ANC also calls on communities to express community solidarity with each other. We must activate community value system that promotes humanity and Ubuntu.

Pule Mabe
ANC National Spokesperson
071 623 4975
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