#NoOffenceBut - Your Money Ain’t Shit!?

The age old battle between South African and Nigerian man continues in this episode. With money as the focal point, the gents discuss this increasing pendemic of Nigerian man conquering South African using this tool. Is this a bad thing or does it serve to be an opportunity for better days for our South African women.
22 Jul 2019 English Explicit South Africa Society & Culture · Technology

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#NoOffenceBut - Entertainment Industry in the pits

Your resident host Job has an interesting discussion with young veteran Ntswembu CEO Of NLQ Pictures. Ntswembu gives insight on the ins and outs, the crookedness, and the harshness of the industry. A definite must listen to aspiring industry peeps
5 Jun 2019 47 min

#NoOffenceBut - Love is the Devils Tool

We’ve all experienced it at some point or another, LOVE, and its suppose to make the world go around. But it defintely seems to be the cause of the bulk of everyday issues we all suffer from. The guys unpack their views about the issue and share their experiences and…
6 May 2019 42 min

#NoOffenceBut - Mzansi is headed for the Gutter

In view of the current political climate, the team discusses SA’s current state of affires in relation to how the youth, communities and coporate are affected. They echo the notion, in absence of the best the worst becomes the best.
8 May 2019 59 min

#NoOffenceBut - Being a Mum is Shit

The team have a shot at unpacking the unspoken truths of Motherhood. From extreme exhaustion, stigma in the workplace to lazy spouses and patriarchy. The true unsung heroes of society.
13 May 2019 1 hr 05 min

#NoOffenceBut - It’s shit being a Young Black Professional in RSA

The team looks at the phenomena in RSA of young graduates struggling to climb the career ladder and many remaining the working poor. Traditional professional careers such as engineering, law and accounting not living up to their former glory as high net incomes careers.
15 May 2019 51 min