Planned Unplanned - Breastfeeding

It's absolutely natural and happens so easily...Right? It's #breastfeedingweek and there's a lot of conversation on the benefits of it, how employers should be supporting breastfeeding mothers and also how we should be normalising breastfeeding in public. On #PlannedUnplanned, we focused on how mothers truly experienced breastfeeding: the high, lows, challenges, available support systems, finding what worked for them and their babies; and learning to empower themselves whilst learning to not be placed under societal pressures / expectations. We also had the chance to learn more about the role of midwives and healthcare professionals in providing the necessary knowledge and support for mothers....and yes, fathers too, because their role is extremely important in supporting their partners as well as educating themselves.

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Guests: Tiisetso Gama @tiisetsogama, Aisha O'Reilly @aishaandlife, Lilly Million @LillyMillion and midwife, Lilo Mthembu