Queerstions By Ditshego Ditshego -"AM I NEXT"

In this two part series, Ditshego QueersTions Leroy Marc on being a Gay TV and radio personality, a former lawyer and model. We discuss the complexities of Africanness and if its the cause of Homophobia, Our laws and the lack of implementation, as well as being a black man and how that is seen as a weapon of mass destruction in today's "AM I NEXT" society.
10 Sep 2019 English South Africa News · Society & Culture

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Queerstions By Ditshego Ditshego - Lavendayda (Part 1 )

In part 1 of this two part podcast, we talk to Nhlanhla “Lavendayda” Mnembe on the challenges and complexities of being a gay black man in the township and toning down when navigating dangerous places and people.
10 Jun 2019 45 min