Stacey Holland: TV Presenter, Travel Lover, Wellness Architect, Yoga Teacher, Change Agent,

Stacey was born in Zimbabwe, lived in Swaziland and Belgium, but is now based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is thus, a keen traveler. She has had many life changing experiences that have lead her in different directions along her path. She has worked in sports marketing; banking; NPO-and ultimately news television. She is now on the breakfast show on e-TV.
She has developed her brand in the fitness industry after having a complete fitness transformation. Stacey now owns a golf experiential marketing company and a creative firm.
Stacey is clearly a multitalented individual who has been and still continues to explore all that she possesses in her mind and abilities. She does not let anything put her and keep her down, she knows how to adapt and strengthen herself from the inside out.
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