#22 - The Healing Power Of Community, Love & Kindness In Times Of Adversity With Jarette Petzer

We are facing a common enemy around the world right now called Covid 19 or Corona and at in times like this it can be so easy get negative, fearful, anxious and feel isolated and alone. But there is power in community, especially when we choose to surround ourselves with a community of souls who focus on positivity, kindness, hope and loving on one another.

My guest on this episode is Jarette Petzer, the Founder and CEO of a group of over 1 million South Africans from around the world who are committed to focusing on the positive, uplifting one another, being kind to one another, loving one another and sharing stories of hope and human kindness every single day.

We chat about the power of collective positive thinking, mindfulness, love and kindness as a powerful generator of hope especially in trying and uncertain times and what we can learn from and how what we are experiencing as a collective right now around the globe can serve us as humanity at large.

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