#24 - INSTANT STRESS RELIEF: 5 Minute Guided Relaxation Meditation For Beginners

Meditation is a daily practice I don't neglect. Especially in these trying times of uncertainty & change during the Covid 19 Lockdown.

There's really 2 Mickey's, the one who meditated can handle anything life throws at me during the day with grace and ease, but to the Mickey who didn't meditate that day, a cup falling on my toe can ruin my whole day or even my life if the inner drama queen we all have in our mind gets hold of it.

Meditation isn't something new age or woo-woo. And it doesn't have to be done for hours on end in a strange yoga pose or be a transcending life experience every time.

Yes, there are those meditations too and they're amazing, but meditation is really just a great tool to slow down, get still, turn inward, get present, become self aware, clear your mind, connect back to your inner guidance and higher self & most importantly to de-stress body and mind and release negative emotions from your body.

This is a simple and easy 5 minute guided meditation for beginners which will leave you feeling instantly relaxed, supported and relieved. Its an excerpt from one of the modules in my signature digital Life Transformation Program, The Ultimate Life Transformation Program.

Whether you're seasoned at meditation or it is completely new to you, give it a try. Its an easy tool to use daily or even a couple of times a day to release anxiety, stress & fear and a whole lot of other positive shifts within yourself and your environment as well.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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