Python, black mamba rescued in one very busy afternoon

‘It doesn’t rain, but it pours’ – is an expression we know well. And it was definitely the case one afternoon (a while before lockdown) when Snake Rescuer Nick Evans had two callouts in the space of a few hours.
“It started with an upsetting call about a beautiful Southern African Python that found itself in a really dangerous situation at a school by Hazelmere Dam, in Verulam,” recalls Nick.
“It was in a bad way, and I was really worried!”
Listen below to the latest Snake Rescue to find out what happened with the python, and also how Nick’s later call – for a black mamba seen slithering behind a couch stored outside a Carrington Heights home, turned out.

Update: The injured python was treated by Dr. Kerry Easson (Riverside Vet) and the Dangerous Creatures staff at uShaka Sea World, and later released by Nick into a safe environment.