Leenders Wines

Tune in to listen to fascinating stories, realizations of dreams and exciting prospects ahead! We chat to Francois Bezuidenhout - owner and winemaker of Leenders Family Wines and co-owner of Pimville Gin.

In 1639, Wijnand Leenders was born in the small forest town called Bezuidenhout, in Holland. A farmer with an adventurous spirit and nurturing nature, Wijnand decided to set out to the tip of Africa on the 15 August 1665 - when he was just 27 years old. Wijnand Leenders (later Bezuidenhout) became one of the first vine growers and winemakers at the Southern Tip of Africa. Today, centuries later, his horticultural legacy is honoured by a new generation of Bezuidenhout-family winemakers. The Bezuidenhout family are a direct lineage of Leenders.