Ezibukwayo no Ndivhuwo Mahanelwa

Ezibukwayo no Ndivhuwo Mahanelwa (digital content creator)
Last week we had skits by Sphe, and today we have no chill god of no chill mzansi.

Ndivhuwo Muhanelwa is my name , from Venda (tshikwarani Ha-kutama) , known as Nochill God , I am an influencer thought-leader , content creator for nochillinmzansi , a biggest SA meme page that has over 500k followers on Instagram , 800k on Facebook , 196k on twitter , in addition, nochillgod Instagram with over 200k followers , 130k on twitter and 140k on tiktok. I create content for a living!!

I am social media marketing specialist, awarded best social media comedian in 2019 by African Social entertainment Awards (ASEA). Influencers manager for NOCHILL PTY LTD company.

I’ve created content/collaborated with Savanna dry, Samsung, Suzuki , Dstv , Halls , UberEats, RedBull , Mnet, KFC , iwyzer, etc