Ep1: How To Start Investing In Real Estate With ZERO Money-Marco Kozlowski

Thinking of investing in real estate but you don't have millions of cash available and you have a bad credit standing? If you're nodding your head and saying "Yes!" to this question, worry no more! You can master the art of investing in real estate with NO MONEY!
You don't need to invest with your own money, you just need find out WHO can help you and use it to your advantage!
Do you need money to invest in real estate?
How to buy real estate properties regardless of your current income situation
What is an asset based lending?
Can you buy a property in the US even if you're form a diff country?
Buy your freedom back!
Get up to 70% of the the value of the property- base on cash flow
How to negotiate with the lender
How to find the right deal
Always create opportunities