SAFM 9am News Bulletin

National Treasury has assured the public that there will be money to procure vaccine doses for Covid19. There has been concern that South Africa is falling behind in acquiring the vaccine with an estimated cost of 20 billion rand. South Africa is experiencing a second wave of infections fuelled by a new variant. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the country has registered over one-point-three million infections and just over 37-thousand COVID19-related deaths. The DA and others have claimed that Treasury is blocking the acquisition of the vaccine doses. National Treasury Director-General, Dondo Mogajane says they are looking at various financing options, but the full details of how the vaccine will be paid for will be in the budget speech......

INCUE: The reality......
OUTCUE: ....sure we acquire.

(text: The reality is that we have to look at various options and we're looking at them and the final option obviously will be announced on budget day, but if we have to acquire the vaccine tomorrow the President did talk about 20 million doses if this have to be delivered tomorrow we will pay for them. We will have to use all available avenues in emergency procurement to make sure we acquire, so we can not be blamed and people can not say treasury is unwilling there is nothing like that.)

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