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The Section 59 Investigation Panel into racial profiling by medical schemes, has found that MedScheme was 330 percent more likely to identify black healthcare providers as having committed fraud, waste and abuse. The report was released this morning after the High Court in Pretoria ruled against the Government Employees Medical Scheme, GEMS and the Board of Healthcare Funders urgent application to stop its publication. The report found that GEMS and other schemes such as Discovery also committed unfair racial discrimination towards black, indian and colour health care providers. Chairperson of the panel, Advocate Thembeka Ngcukaitobi says Gems was found to be 80-percent more likely to find black providers guilty of fraud waste and abuse, and Discovery 35-percent. He says their investigation shows that there is zero probability that the discrimination occurred by chance....

INCUE: Using the data.......
OUTCUE: ....June 2019

(text: Using the data that Discovery, Gems and Medscheme provided to the Panel and analysed by Dr Kimi was the expert employed by the Panel, we have found that there are substantial differences in fraud, waste and abuse outcomes between black an non-black practitioners over a substantial period of time January 2012 to June 2019

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