The Answer Series

Since 1975, The Answer Series has been empowering high school learners’ exam success with our comprehensive, easy to use study guides.
Written and frequently updated by teachers, examiners and subject specialists, each of The Answer Series study guides includes stimulating exercises and easy-to-understand explanatory notes.

Learners can practice and hone their exam technique using sample exam questions and answers, included in our study guides.

The Answer Series study guides are practical and versatile. They can be used independently by learners, or by teachers in the classroom.

They are designed to allow you to feel fully prepared, whether you’ve just entered Grade 8 or you’re writing your matric exams.

Around the Table with George Eadie

10 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±46 min episode every 7 weeks, 6 days
Since 1975 The Answer Series, often called TAS, has been empowering high school learners. We’ve become the best-selling study guide series in South Africa.

TAS study guides are comprehensive and easy to use. They are written – and frequently updated – by teachers, examiners and subject specialists. The Answer Series is – and has always been – a family-run business. Our purpose with The Answer Series is to impart the gift of confidence.

TAS has just launched, it’s second podcast series named: Around the Table with CEO George Eadie.

Our intent with this podcast is to go on a journey to deepen our understanding of the education system in South Africa. In each episode we will talk all things education, innovation and inspiration with 8 brilliant guests from around the country and further afield.

TAS has contributed to improved SA education outcomes since 1975, however, this podcast series is an expression of TAS’ intent to continue learning. George has the beautiful responsibility to lead TAS into its next generation. We knew that education was on the cusp of significant change pre-Covid. The pandemic has served as a great accelerant and as a catalyst for adaptation.

What we already know is that improving education in SA requires a team effort. We would like to invite anyone who is passionate about affecting positive change in Education to join us on this learning journey. Let’s work together to fuel the spirit of education in South Africa.

Subject Scoop with The Answer Series

7 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±28 min episode every 8 weeks
The Answer Series (or TAS), the best-selling study guide series in South Africa, has been empowering high school learners since 1975.

TAS has now launched the first-ever subject-specific podcasts for teachers in South Africa. It is called Subject Scoop or SS in short.

In the words of TAS CEO, George Eadie, “Our purpose is to impart the gift of confidence.” In this way TAS endeavours to offer support to teachers and to impact positively on education in South Africa.

In each episode of Subject Scoop, expert teachers dig into a specific subject area and what the year holds for that subject. These subject experts unpack what learners are struggling with and how individual teachers can help them on a practical level. It also covers what subject experts experienced in Gr 12 exam marking.

Five podcasts or Subject Scoops have been launched. These are (listed

Business Studies – Habiel Adams
Economics – Nazlie Mohamed
Life Sciences – Mariechen Vermeulen
Maths – Anne Eadie & Jenny Campbell
Physical Sciences – Norman Davies

2 channels