City Radio SA

We are an online radio and Podcast platform based in South Africa, We pride ourselves with knowing that our content is 100% South African focused and we tell stories from South African communities to the world.

City Radio is also a content supplier and provider for community radio station and we help South African organizations such as Government department, Sports, Corporate and religious organizations to connect with South African communities.

HR Room Podcast

4 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±8 min episode every 1 week, 2 days
This HR Room Podcast is created to enhance the working environment of businesses through training and support programs which enable companies to apply HR best practices. This podcast explores how to build people-centric businesses through modern practices and approaches.
The HR Room podcast covers topics relevant to HR professionals. You’ll hear the journeys of everyone from consultants to Chief People officers to Heads of Talent, and more.

South African Cricket Podcast

1 EPISODES |  Podcast
South African is a Cricket loving nation, that is why the sports have always been in the news for controversial reasons. In this podcast, we look at cricket in all forms and shapes, from the business s, Players, Unions, Administrators and the Politics.
This podcast invite guests from all cricket aspects, from legend, sponsors, Kit manufactures, Coaches, Medical official, Stadium managers and sports journalist.

A tribute to Walter 'DJ Pop' Williams on Pop-Up Radio show

3 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±40 min episode every day
Pop-Up Show with Walter “DJ Pop” Williams
DJ Pop was a real Legend, A true gentlemen with a heart of Gold.
We thank you for you contribution to our lives, May your soul rest in Peace.
He take us on memory dose of old school musical journey from 80s, 90s and early 2000 music and also focusing on the issues that are impacting daily on the communities, issues such as social, health and crime.

SA Soldiers Podcast

0 EPISODES |  Podcast
SA Soldier Podcast is a podcast relating stories of South African soldiers, their quest to defend the people of this beautiful country. This podcast will look at Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) (Spear of the nation) was the military wing of the African National Congress (ANC) operative experiences as guerrillas of war. What they went through during the days of apartheid, in Angola, Mozambique, Lesotho, ESwatini, Tanzania and Zambia.
This podcast will also look at the modern South African defence force soldier, how they have developed through time and to tell their stories about their oath of defending South Africa to death.

South African Labor Unions

0 EPISODES |  Podcast
South African Labour Unions Podcast provides a clear and undiluted voice for the working people of South African. Different Podcasters and presenters lead discussion with a focus on topics that include the state of workers, Conditions of employment, Labour Legislation in Labour relations, Employee rights, legislative actions and Labour-management relations.
Featured guests include various Labour leaders, politicians, journalists and Business leaders. SA Labour Unions Podcast provides updates and information from sources around the South Africa and continues to be the trusted voice for workers across the country.

The Black and White Podcast

0 EPISODES |  Podcast
In this Podcast, we tell South African stories, Stories about amazing people who conquered many challenges and succeeded in changing the societal norms and believes, but they also went on to set very high standards for the following generations in in different sectors of the society such Sports, Business, Arts, Academics, Politics and Social sectors. The Black and White podcast feature Doctors, Sports stars, Entrepreneurs, Politicians and many more.

The Med Podcast

0 EPISODES |  Podcast
The Med podcasts is a platform presented by Health professionals on issues of health and wellness that can help you to keep tabs on what patients might currently be a little concerned about. This podcast looks at the state of our healthcare services, from Doctors, Nurses, Administrators and Medical aid issues. The podcast looks at everyday Emergencies healthcare professional deal with, because they are the boots-on-the-ground, the first-hand insights into the events that affect our townships, Cities and Country. The Med podcast, we take a fearless look at the broader factors that can affect all of us, from the political to the controversial. Topics include vaccinations, diseases, burnout, ethics, and more—nothing is off limits!

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