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Dorian Gray

11 EPISODES |  Series, ±26 min episode total time 4 hr 48 min
The Picture of Dorian Gray focuses on the young, beautiful and narcissistic Dorian Gray who has become entranced by the world of hedonism. The series is great for all matric learners who wish to understand this set work book much better in preparation for exams and includes instruction from an English teacher who provides insightful knowledge about the themes, history & relevance of the story today - which is a perfect guideline for essay questions in English exams.

SAfm Documentary

3 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±24 min episode every 6 days
In our SAfm Documentary on the last three Sundays of March just after the 8 p.m. news bulletin, Nigel Vermaas profiles three extraordinary South Africans. All three were born in South Africa in very different circumstances, left the country of their birth to pursue careers (and some wild freelance opportunities) and all returned to South Africa in their twilight years to “give back” to their country. Each of them marched to his or her own drum!


65 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±13 min episode every day
JOZI DARK by The Think Tank Junction began on Wednesday, 26th September at 21:45.
A young girl goes missing and only one man, Mandla Khambule, has the intuitive skills to find her.
This series is set in a dark, gritty Johannesburg where nothing is what it seems. The series takes the listener on an immersive journey through an ever-expanding mystery. By the end of the series, both the characters and the listeners will uncover a far greater deception than they ever thought possible as well as the culprit who ruined Mandla’s life all those years ago …….

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