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Podcast hosting

Modern podcast platform for large radio stations to solo podcasters.

Multiple shows & users

Multiple shows and users under one account, ideal for radio stations.

Dynamic ad insertion

Dynamically insert and remove audio ads, delivered with country-level geo-targeting.

Multiple bitrates

Satisfy users with slow or expensive data, while keeping high quality available.

Smart web player

Modern web player, easy to embed and rich with features.

Loudness normalisation

Perceptual loudness normalisation ensures consistent volume for listeners.

Unlimited downloads

High speed content delivery network with no limits on monthly downloads.

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Radio streaming

Reliable 24/7 radio streaming with advanced features.

No concurrent limit

A robust delivery network caters for unlimited simultaneous listeners.

Flexible pricing

Per-month Commercial and Community packages with low metered rates.

Multiple bitrates

Satisfy users with slow or expensive data, while keeping high quality available.

Comprehensive reporting

Detailed and up-to-the-minute listener analytics from an online dashboard.

Monitor & alert

Automated monitoring and alerts for stream downtime or dead air.

Multiple formats

Streams are published in multiple formats to ensure platform compatibility.

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Audio advertising

Use our dynamic ad insertion engine to reach listeners.

Valuable niche audience

Podcast listeners are a valuable niche demographic that is difficult to reach.

Flexible campaign budgets

Book campaigns for small to very large budgets.

Engaged audience

Podcast listeners are highly engaged with the content.

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About us

We’re an online audio platform providing podcast and audio live streaming services.

Founded in 2008, our initial vision was a world-class podcast platform that can cater to developing markets by offering very low data rates. We’ve executed this vision and served millions of podcasts to sub-saharan users on mobile networks. In 2015 we released a complementary radio streaming service that can also bring the benefits of low data rates to our market. For both these services we’ve been lauded by our customers for our extensive reporting, high levels of reliability and excellent customer support.

We are continually working to improve our services and add new features to enhance the value to our customers.

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