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Our platform gives your clients access to short audio ads embedded in content delivered to our users, similar to traditional radio.

Why audio ads?

Audio ads have a much better impact than the visual clutter of web banners, and the online medium provides accurate and deep delivery statistics simply unavailable from traditional radio.

Large listener base

We have thousands of hours of audio available for distribution and accessed daily by our rapidly growing listener base. New content partners are signing up every month, from national and regional to small community radio stations.

Rich reporting and analytics

Detailed reports of downloads and listens are available so you can track the effectiveness of your campaigns. Fine grained information on where and how your audio is listened, available anytime via our online portal.

Low minimum advertising buys

There are low minimum ad buys as the advertising is on a per-listen basis. With traditional radio you pay for broadcast time, with us you pay for listens only.

Captive audience

Audio ads can’t be skipped easily, providing a higher assurance that your message gets delivered than any other medium. That first few seconds of audio is almost guaranteed to be listened.

No ad blocking

Today everyone is using advanced web banner blocking tools, but embedded audio ads is completely underneath their radar, while being less obtrusive to the user experience.

Cross-media delivery

Our packages combine both audio advertising embedded inside the published content in addition to optional traditional web banners, bringing your campaign to the ears and eyes of our listeners.

Access to high-value demographics

With hundreds of thousands of downloads your target market is listening to content on our platform. Specific content categories and our closed group features allows you to target specific individuals.

Create a brand channel

We’ll help you create a bespoke brand channel where your business can be associated with compelling episodes of audio content that your target market want to listen.

Geographic targeting

As we host audio content for many regional and localised media providers; this allows for fairly good location specific targeting, for example community radio stations aimed at specific demographics.

Reach a global audience

Advertisements have the ability to reach a global audience on our platform but by working closely with us we can focus your ad campaign onto your target audience or to a global audience should you wish.