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With so much happening each weekday morning with Darren, Keri & Sky, you'd be forgiven for missing parts of the action! Here are the best bits from Darren Maule, Keri Miller and Sky Tshabalala.

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Braai Day plans looking up for Darren, Keri and Sky. How about you?

Today on pseudo-Friday, your favourite trio share how they would actually prefer more weeks like this.
Where it ends on a Thursday or rather starts with a Tuesday.
Which do YOU prefer?
Also, what are your plans for tomorrow? South Africans are celebrating Heritage and Braai Day. So share your plans for the day with us.

Keri's Couch: "After walking, it's flight and the wheelchair in many ways is that" - Musa E. Zulu

When you have go to the blurb of his latest offering, 'I AM ART' THE 40TH ANNIVERSARY' one comes across the reviews that were written about the inspiring author, Musa E. Zulu. They are all in unison - he is undeniably inspiring in how he has lived his life considering his greatest life-altering event back in 1995.

Keri Miller felt the exact same way when she heard about the strides he had taken in his life and the different industries in which he leaves his admirable mark.

Take a listen as he shares his awe-inspiring life journey with Keri Miller

"Are you fully vaccinated right after the jab or a little while after the jab?" Prof Tulio explains

When we talk about the factors that make us an elite Breakfast Radio Show, we have to also include the the fact that we get the chance to speak directly with one of the world's top virologists, virus-hunters and bioinformaticians in the world - Professor Tulio de Oliveira.
Take a listen as he answers this and other COVID-19 and vaccine-related questions that go as follows:
Are the Pfizer and Johnson and Johsnon vaccines equally effective? And are both recognised internationally?

- SA Health sites says that you should wait a minimum of 30 days after you’ve had COVID-19 to get your vaccine. Do you agree?

- Is it true that you can’t get the delta variant if you don’t have tonsils?
He covers all these tracks in this podcast.

Interesting fact about lottery winners on Get Fact'd this morning!

This is Get Fact'd with Darren Maule where he shares mind-blowing facts about varying things in the world.

An interesting fact right here: Swedish-built cars like, Volvos and what happens when they crash into a moose.

The British army breaks step when crossing bridges. Take a listen why.

Before mass production of flavored chips/crisps, these included something special in the bags for the consumer.

Neighbors of lottery winners also go through something significant after their neighbours' win.

This Phoenix family gets to see a better time, thanks to The Big Favour and WeBuyCars

We were able to get Angelique Manias back to the studio after they helped a local salon get back on their feet after the KZN unrest. They stretch their hand once again and hold Magdeline and her husband's hand to help them.
Magdeline and her husband shared their inability to cover their utility bills and that their electricity would be cut soon.
Take a listen to how delighted they were to be surprised by WeBuyCars' Angelique.

A wife nominates his wife for The Big Favour, following a tough few months of illness.

This is one of those sweet and heartwarming moments about The Big Favour. Magdeline, the wife nominated her husband after he had been terribly ill after a few months.
He is the family's sole provider and the family in Phoenix are seeing a tough time since he has been unable to work and earn an income for the family.
Take a listen as Keri Miller gets to know them a little more as they tell their story.

The 411 on Khuluma Nathi before putting our money on the horse

We were fortunate enough to have Hollywoodbets find the name our feature fitting for their robust and handsome stallion. We got the chance to talk to Dean as he describes his bets qualities to us ahead of the race this afternoon.
We also asked him who he is most similar to between Darren, Keri and Sky.
Take a listen as his answer is just perfect and fitting.

You'll love this cool fact about the drink Bud Weiser, and a man arrested at their factory

Today on Get Fact'd Darren Maule shares some interesting facts that you'll be blown away by.
The knobbles on our kneecaps are actually unique and singular. Take a listen to what ligament it is similar too.
The Green Zone golf course straddles Finland and Sweden (seven holes in Finland and 11 in Sweden). On hole six, balls stay in the air. You'll be surprised by how long they stay in the air.
In 2015, a young man named Bud Weiser was arrested while trespassing at a certain brewery.
Listen to these facts.

What happened at Sky and Clarise's 3-D scan?

Well, Sky has a few things to tell us today about what happened at the 3-D scan with him and Clarise.
It might just disappoint you a little but we have the pictures for you on the website.
Head to ecr.co.za and see what Baby Archies is looking like.

Otherwise, listen here about what went down.

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