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The Rewind is a weekly podcast hosted by Pontshego (Puntsa) Malebye and Bongani (BeeTenacity) Maseko. The Podcast focuses on the biggest entertainment news, celebrity gossip, television and YouTube.
Weekly English Explicit South Africa Society & Culture · Music
70 Episodes
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E73 - Rewind, Replay, Review: Diamonds & Dolls and Young, African & Famous

Wednesday are Rewind Days! This episode is another review of Mzansi's newest reality shows Diamond & Dolls as well as Young, African and Famous. The podcast also features entertainment news and bios. Join @Puuntsa_ and @Bee_Tenacity for this fun episode. *Please note, there is a problem with sound on this…
12 Apr 2022 2 hr 05 min

E72 - YouTube Breakups & Bridgerton Affairs

What a week it has been. It's Wednesday and @Puntsa_ & @Bee_Tenacity are ready to unpack the happenings in Mzansi. For YouTube Digest, Bridgeton Affairs & YouTube Breakups are on the table. On Mzansi Recap, they talk marriages and Mama Esther Mahlangu & Yolanda Dyantyi winning against Rhodes University. On…
29 Mar 2022 1 hr 40 min

E71 - The Wife & Real Housewives of Durban Review

Your favourite virtual friends are back with a beloved segment; Rewind, Replay...Review. On this episode the @Puntsa_ & @Bee_Tenacity discuss some popular shows in Mzansi, Hlomu The Wife & Real Housewives of Durban. We also hear from Mzansi what they thoughts on the shows are. Sit back, unwind and enjoy…
15 Mar 2022 1 hr 33 min

E70 - Back At It!

The Rewind is back, every consecutive Wednesday join @PUNTSA_ & @BEE_TENACITY as they bring some fun and laughter to your day. The first episode of 2022 is a catch-up session on both YouTube Digest and Mzansi Recap. On Word on the Street, the pair does a temperature check on the…
1 Mar 2022 1 hr 37 min

E67 - YT Dislikes, R50k Allowances & Fired Celebs

Every Wednesday, your favourite podcast, The Rewind, comes back with another great episode; and this one is of no exception. This week @Puntsa_ & @Bee_Tenacity discuss some changes on YouTube, Mihlali's "cute" girlfriend allowance on YouTube Digest. On Mzansi Recap they discuss celebs who have been recently fired from their…
17 Nov 2021 2 hr 58 min

E66 - TikTok vs IG vs YT for Content Creators w/Siithembs

What's a week without The Rewind? What's a Wednesday without your favourite virtual friends @Puntsa_ & @Bee_Tenacity? This week the pair is joined by @Siithembs Darliing for a conversation about how to leverage the power of TikTok for content creators. On WOTS the pair asks whether it is okay to…
10 Nov 2021 2 hr 40 min

65 - Kudala Ndikulindile...

The Rewind with @Puntsa_ & @Bee_Tenacity is back! On this episode, the dynamic duo have a general recap on what's been happening in Mzansi. For Word On The Street, they ask listeners what they are looking forward to after being fully vaxxed. It's laughter and fun, make sure to tell…
3 Nov 2021 2 hr 48 min

62 - Influencers vs Professionals & Toxic Traits

Wednesdays are fun days because @Puntsa & @BeeTenacity are back with another episode The Rewind. This week they discuss Influencers vs Professionals on the Deep Digest. On Mzansi Recap they rewind on the latest news in SA. And Word on the street, the question is what are some of your…
14 Jul 2021 2 hr 35 min

61 - Looking for Mjolo S2 Review & Simphiwe Ndlovu speaks about Freedom

Wednesday is here and that means it is time unwind and rewind with @Puntsa_ & @Bee_Tenacity on your favourite podcast. For YouTube Digest they review episodes 1 & 2 of Thato Rampedi's #LookingForMjolo Season 2. On Mzansi Recap the duos joined by Simphiwe Ndlovu, who is an actress playing the…
7 Jul 2021 2 hr 12 min

60 - Defining Love Limna review & Racist Hoerskools for Girls

@Puntsa_ & @Bee_Tenacity are back with this week's episode of The Rewind. In episode 60, for YouTube Digest they discuss the Mpoomy & Yolz breakup, and on the Deep Digest they review Defining Love's #Limna episode with the Love Island winners. On the Deep Dive for Mzansi Recap, the dynamic…
30 Jun 2021 2 hr 26 min

59 - Influencer Marketing in Politics

Another week, another REWIND! You're favourite online friends are back again with The Rewind. This week @Puntsa_ & @Bee_Tenacity discuss whether they like their influencers and politics mixing on YouTube Digest. For Word on the Street they talk about setting boundaries with family. Sit back, relax and rewind!
23 Jun 2021 2 hr 28 min

58 - YouTuber Pet Peeves & Bonang vs Rea

Youth Day Wednesday and @Puntsa_ & @Bee_Tenacity are bringing you thee most youthful episode of the podcast. This week on YT Deep Digest they share their YouTuber pet peeves - from bad lighting all the way to forced content. On Mzansi Recap they finally give a deep dive on the…
16 Jun 2021 2 hr 39 min

57 - African YouTubers & Mzansi Current Affairs

It's a WEDNESDAY - and that means the dynamic duo from The Rewind is at it again with another entertaining episode. This week @Puntsa_ & @Bee_Tenacity discuss African YouTubers for the Deep Digest. On Mzansi Recap they take a look at current affairs in SA. For Word on the Street…
9 Jun 2021 2 hr 40 min

56 - Mzansi Room Rescue review & #JerusalemaChallenge Lawsuit

Puntsa (@Puntsa_) & Bee (@Bee_Tenacity) are back once again for another episode of The Rewind. For YouTube Digest they review the YT Channel 'Mzansi Room Rescue'. On Mzansi Recap, they revisit the #JerusalemaChallenge lawsuit and try to understand whether the lawsuit was fair or not. This episode is filled with…
2 Jun 2021 2 hr 12 min

55 - Perfect Public Apologies & The Euphonik/Fresh Saga

Puntsa (@Puntsa_) & Bee (@Bee_Tenacity) are here with this week's episode of The Rewind. For YouTube Digest they discuss what makes a perfect public apology by reviewing a few apologies Mzansi has had to endure over the years. For Mzansi Recap, they revisit the Euphonik/Fresh saga by reviewing a timeline…
26 May 2021 2 hr 26 min

54 - Looking for Mjolo Review & NAC Artists Solidarity Fund

It's another Wednesday and Puntsa (@Puntsa_) & Bee (@Bee_Tenacity) are back. For YouTube Digest they have their first series review by looking at Thato Rampedi's "Looking for Mjolo" on YT. For Mzansi Recap, they look at the NAC Artists Solidarity Fund and critique its administration and execution. Listen, learn and…
19 May 2021 2 hr 18 min

53 - YT Title Sequences & Celebs Doing the Most

Puntsa (@Puntsa_) & Bee (@Bee_Tenacity) your favourite virtual friends, bring you another episode of The Rewind. In this episode, For YouTube Digest they discuss YT Title Sequences; what works, what doesn't and why. For Mzansi Recap, they chat about celebs in SA doing the most when it comes to career…
12 May 2021 1 hr 50 min

52 - Celebs on YT & #FeesMustFall Recap

Puntsa (@Puntsa_) & Bee (@Bee_Tenacity) are back with another jam-packed episode of Mzansi's favourite podcast. In this episode, For YouTube Digest they discuss Celebs on YouTube - and what exactky they should be using the platform for. For Mzansi Recap, they recap on the #FeesMustFall Movement - tracking its inception…
5 May 2021 3 hr 10 min

51 - Influencer Tax & Black Outrage Marketing

Join Puntsa (@Puntsa_) & Bee (@Bee_Tenacity) for another eyebrow raising episode of the rewind. In this episode, the pair discuss Influencer Tax on YouTube Digest. For Mzansi Recap, they look at the recent trend of Black Outrage Marketing, and question its effectiveness as a strategy. Sit back, relax and rewind!
28 Apr 2021 2 hour

50 - Influencer Beef & YoTv Presenters

Join Puntsa (@Puntsa_) & Bee (@Bee_Tenacity) for another exciting episode of the rewind. In this episode, the pair discuss Influencer Beef on YouTube Digest. For Mzansi Recap, they throw it back all the way to the early 2k's with a 'Where are they now?' focusing on Mzansi's favourite YoTv Presenters…
21 Apr 2021 2 hr 34 min
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