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Amala Harris tells Israel: let more aid into Gaza

The US Vice President calls for an immediate ceasefire saying that Palestinians had suffered too much for too long. Also: armed gangs in Haiti have stormed a prison, helping up to four-thousand inmates escape, and the mystery of star dunes is solved.
3 Mar 6PM 29 min

Bonus: The Global Story

A bonus episode from The Global Story podcast. Trump’s trouble with abortion. The Global Story brings you one big story every weekday, making sense of the news with our experts around the world. Insights you can trust, from the BBC, with Katya Adler. For more, go to or search…
3 Mar 7AM 27 min

US makes air drop in Gaza

It comes amid a growing humanitarian catastrophe in the heavily populated territory after months of Israeli military operations against Hamas. Also: Germany launches an investigation into an apparent intercept of its military officers discussing sensitive details about the conflict in Ukraine, and the American fashion icon, Iris Apfel, dies at…
2 Mar 6PM 35 min

US to air drop aid into Gaza

The White House says it's also redoubling its efforts to open a maritime corridor for humanitarian supplies as ten children are reported to have died from starvation. Also: Elon Musk sues OpenAI - the artificial intelligence firm he co-founded - for breach of contract saying it's abandoned its non- profit…
1 Mar 6PM 33 min

Russian opposition leader Navalny buried in Moscow

Thousands took to the streets chanting anti-Putin slogans, despite a heavy police presence. Also: growing calls for a full investigation into Israel's role in the deaths of dozens of Palestinians trying to get aid in Gaza; and researchers say one billion people around the world are now classed as obese
1 Mar 10AM 34 min

Dozens dead in Gaza aid convoy tragedy

More than a hundred Palestinians were killed and many more wounded as they tried to get desperately needed food from the convoy in northern Gaza. Also: President Biden and Donald Trump visit the US- Mexico border to address the surge in immigration - a crucial issue in this year's presidential…
29 Feb 6PM 32 min

President Putin says Russia has the upper hand in Ukraine

Mr Putin made his comments his in state of the nation address ahead of elections next month. Also: Hamas health officials say more than 30,000 Palestinians have now been killed in Israel's offensive. And meet the people who can only celebrate their birthday every four years.
29 Feb 9AM 30 min

McConnell to step down as US Senate Republican leader

The US Senate's longest-serving Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, has announced he's stepping down from his leadership position in November. Also: US reacts to breakaway region of Transnistria asking Russia for "protection from Moldova", and the scientist who produced an award-winning music video to illustrate his PhD on kangaroos.
28 Feb 7PM 34 min


Yulia Navalnaya urges MEPs to take inspiration from her late husband, calling him an innovator. Also: there has been a sharp rise in the number of people seeking asylum inside the EU, and a new documentary lifts the veil on the story of the disgraced fashion designer John Galliano.
28 Feb 10AM 37 min

Ams in Gaza routinely blocked from making deliveries

Other aid deliveries into the territory have already been suspended because of looting. Also: France's Nato allies reject idea of sending Western troops to Ukraine, and the owners of a wonky public house in England have been ordered to rebuild it.
27 Feb 8PM 35 min

Drug kingpin put behind bars

The leader of one of Europe's most feared drug gangs, Ridouan Taghi, is jailed for life in the biggest criminal trial in Dutch history. Also: US President Biden says progress is being made over agreeing a ceasefire in Gaza, and the married couple who spent over 100 days stranded at…
27 Feb 9AM 31 min

Sweden becomes NATO member

After repeated delays, the Hungarian parliament approved Sweden's accession as the organisation's 32nd member. Also, the US Supreme Court hears arguments about social media companies that could transform the way we use the internet, and the woman who was in a love triangle with the musicians George Harrison and Eric…
26 Feb 6PM 31 min

Israel says it's making evacuation plans for Rafah

The UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, criticises the Security Council for its 'inadequate' response to the Gaza conflict. Also: Farmers block the streets in Brussels protesting against EU policies, and there's a welcome sign of life from a stricken Japanese lunar lander.
26 Feb 9AM 29 min

Bolsonaro supporters protest over coup investigation

The former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro denies allegations that he plotted a coup after losing the 2022 election. Also: Nikki Haley suffers a fourth consecutive defeat to Donald Trump in the contest to become the US Republican nominee, and Japan's naked festival allows women for the first time.
25 Feb 6PM 29 min

Bonus: The Global Story

A bonus episode from The Global Story podcast. Bengal famine: The WWii trajgedy the world forgot. The Global Story brings you one big story every weekday, making sense of the news with our experts around the world. Insights you can trust, from the BBC, with Katya Adler. For more, go…
25 Feb 7AM 27 min

Ukraine marks 2 years since Russia's full-scale invasion

Visiting Western leaders have pledged their solidarity, but Kyiv say more weapons are what's really needed. The body of the Kremlin critic, Alexei Navalny, is handed to his mother after a battle with Russian authorities, and the video of a professional female golfer being mansplained to by a stranger about…
24 Feb 6PM 35 min

The Happy Pod: Hurtling into History

This week, we hear from Africa's first bobsleigh champion. Also: the Spanish football club doing its bit to make the beautiful game greener. And how foxes are providing therapy in the Florida Keys.
24 Feb 6AM 27 min

Russia threatens to bury Navalny in arctic prison

A spokesperson for Alexei Navalny's mother says she was given an ultimatum on whether to choose this or accept a secret funeral without mourners. Also: The EU unblocks $150 billion of funding for Poland, originally frozen over a rule-of-law dispute with the former conservative government, and the discovery in China…
23 Feb 6PM 33 min

Ukraine Two Years On – Your Questions Answered

For two years, the Russian president Vladimir Putin has been waging a brutal conflict in Ukraine - the bloodiest in Europe since the Second World War. But after tens of thousands of deaths on both sides who has the upper hand? What is life like in Ukraine, and Russia, today?…
23 Feb 11AM 30 min
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