Pricing & packages

Simple month-to-month pricing for all our packages.

Mobile Web App

Web app with native versions for your audio content. Requires our streaming and/or podcast products.

Setup fee R 820 $47,50 €43,25
Monthly fee R 655 $38 €33,75
Rebuild fee R 545 $33 €27,50

How it works

From trial to production

Our mobile web app is a progressive web application meant to deliver your podcasts and streams to your audience.

During the trial period we provide access to the web based version to finalise theming and contents.

Once you are ready to go live, we build native iOS and Android versions and make them available via the App stores.

You can find all the details of the app on our FAQ here.

Cost components

The Setup fee is charged once we build the native versions for the iOS and Android stores.

The Monthly fee is the base recurring fee while the app is active.

The Rebuild fee is only levied if you require the native version to be rebuilt. The app is web driven and most theming changes can be handled without requiring a rebuild, but changing the application icon or loading screen requires a rebuild of the native versions.