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From advances that will change our lives to offbeat oddities, Spectrum keeps you abreast of developments in the realm of European science and technology news.
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Please touch me (it's for my health)

Are we touching each other less? Probably. Does it matter? Very much. If you're missing physical contact, new research will make you feel better.
12 Apr 12 min

Where do you feel music?

A good song resonates inside you. But the question is... where? Well, it depends — on 'surprise' and 'uncertainty.'
12 Apr 17 min

A vaccine for... cocaine?

Human trials are underway to stop cocaine addiction using vaccines. Do they work? And if so, how?
28 Mar 7 min

Weekly roundup — Want the job? Be first

A quirk in human psychology has a big impact on your chances of getting a job, a date or winning a talent show. Also, Conor puts 'social norms erosion' research to the test — twice.
17 Mar 30 min

Weekly roundup — Make yourself do things

You a procrastinator? (We are.) New research suggests an unexpected cause of that. Also, if you have a tough time confronting rule breakers in public (because who doesn't), a new study shows there's a way to do it right.
9 Mar 30 min

Weekly roundup — Dark waters

A listener email sends us deep into the lakes of Latvia — and to honor victims of genocide, it's important to talk about what it is, how it happens and who it happens to.
2 Mar 30 min

Infectious empathy & a laptop with a nose

If someone had become more empathetic... how would you know? Also, people are willing to pay more for products that look and talk like humans — but only some products.
1 Mar 11 min

Weekly roundup — Smell & anti-depressants

Powerful smells may mitigate severe depression, and a new study suggests regular erections can help against ED. Also, the fascinating reason humans built a gigantic wall close to a lake roughly 10,000 years ago.
17 Feb 30 min

Scared of crime? Motion lights won't help

A new study using VR suggests the things that make neighborhoods safer… don't necessarily make us FEEL safer. (And for God's sake, close the garage door.)
16 Feb 13 min

What is the Alaskapox virus?

Deep in a remote forest, a sick, elderly man got scratched by a stray cat — and likely died as a result.
15 Feb 15 min
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