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The Archers

Contemporary drama in a rural setting from the world's longest running soap opera. Follow the residents of the fictional farming community of Ambridge. Original programmes broadcast 1900 hrs Sunday - Friday. Episodes added daily (except Saturdays).
English United Kingdom Arts
24 Episodes
1 – 20


Jim grills David for some key information, and why is Brian being so mysterious?
30 Mar 13 min


Will is reminded of some painful history, and there’s life in the old dogs yet, Freddie.
29 Mar 13 min


Ed gets a shock when it comes to George, and Natasha needs to come up with a plan.
28 Mar 13 min


Jim is calling in the experts, and Oliver has a few tricks up his sleeve.
27 Mar 13 min


Tom and Natasha get a tempting offer, and Brian just wants to be left alone.
26 Mar 12 min


Writer, Tim Stimpson Director, Kim Greengrass Editor, Jeremy Howe Brian Aldridge ….. Charles Collingwood Debbie Aldridge ….. Tamsin Greig Ben Archer ….. Ben Norris David Archer ….. Timothy Bentinck Ruth Archer ….. Felicity Finch Harrison Burns ….. James Cartwright Susan Carter ….. Charlotte Martin Justin Elliott ….. Simon Williams Clarrie…
24 Mar 13 min


Justin is feeling patriotic, and Jim is getting ready to settle in.
23 Mar 13 min


Has Debbie made a terrible mistake? George puts in a bid for space.
22 Mar 13 min


Brian has some explaining to do, and the young vet and local bobby get chatting.
21 Mar 13 min


Is Brookfield coming under attack? Clarrie and Susan are swotting up.
20 Mar 13 min


Adam and Debbie have lots to catch up on, and Justin keeps one ear to the ground.
19 Mar 13 min


Writer, Naylah Ahmed Director, Marina Caldarone Editor, Jeremy Howe Brian Aldridge ….. Charles Collingwood Ben Archer ….. Ben Norris Jill Archer ….. Patricia Greene Josh Archer ….. Angus Imrie Helen Archer ….. Louiza Patikas Alice Carter ….. Hollie Chapman Neil Carter ….. Brian Hewlett Susan Carter ….. Charlotte Martin Usha…
17 Mar 13 min


Alice and Adam wonder what’s for the best, and why is Susan in need of a top hat?
16 Mar 14 min


What are Eddie and Neil plotting? There’s something familiar about Sykesy.
15 Mar 14 min


Will Adam and Brian enjoy a day at the races? Susan and Clarrie are having a day off.
14 Mar 13 min


Lambing is in full swing at Brookfield, and Clarrie’s concerned about Eddie.
13 Mar 12 min


A Grundy’s work is never done, and Brian makes a big decision.
12 Mar 13 min


Adam has his mind made up, and Lily has to mediate at Lower Loxley. Writer, Daniel Thurman Director, Julie Beckett Editor, Jeremy Howe Brian Aldridge ….. Charles Collingwood Ben Archer ….. Ben Norris Josh Archer ….. Angus Imrie Helen Archer ….. Louiza Patikas Tony Archer ….. David Troughton Alice Carter…
10 Mar 13 min


Susan is ready to lend a hand, and Freddie takes immediate action.
9 Mar 13 min


Noluthando goes on an intriguing tour, and Kate confides in her Dad.
8 Mar 14 min
1 – 20