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This award-winning one-hour weekly news magazine explores the topical issues that shape the European continent, including interviews, background features and cultural reports from correspondents throughout the region.
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Inside Europe - 7 December 2023

Energy policy as an international security issue, Russian activists seek a safe haven in Bulgaria and Turkey lines up its demands. Also on the show: the moral case for the return of the Parthenon marbles, second generation migrants and the question of French identity, an Autobahn extension threatens Berlin’s club…
7 Dec 55 min

Inside Europe - 30 November 2023

What are the lessons from the Dutch elections won by far-right firebrand Geert Wilders, London receives its annual Christmas gift from Norway and Germany grapples with a €60 billion hole in its budget. Also: a new Lviv art venue opens amid the Ukraine war, earthquake legislation in Romania forces small…
30 Nov 55 min

Inside Europe - 23 November 2023

Shock result in the Netherlands, Finland closes border crossings with Russia, and choppy waters ahead for Spain’s Pedro Sanchez. Also: Erdogan’s double game on the Middle East, Italy's mafia mega-trial, the EU's AI Act, and a night out at the circus.
23 Nov 55 min

Inside Europe - 16 November 2023

A deal to retake power in Spain, the Dutch front-runner who does not want to be Prime Minister, David Cameron’s comeback and an update on Ukraine’s NATO membership bid. Also: an inter-faith initiative in Paris, a Living Library in Düsseldorf, intersecting migration journeys in Serbia and a tech summit in…
16 Nov 55 min

Inside Europe - 7 November 2023

Migration talks in Berlin, a new pact between Italy and Albania, and Germany's NFL fanbase turns out for the Dolphins. Also: We get a lawyer’s perspective on democratic backsliding in the UK, why 90 Percent of Danish Jews survived the Holocaust, France cracks down on migrant crossings from Italy, and…
9 Nov 55 min

Inside Europe - 2 November 2023

Ukraine conflict intensifies, ship-spotting to stop Putin, and an exhibition of Palestinian art in Paris. Also on the show: The Guardian's Ajit Niranjan on his carbon bomb reporting, a visit to a Portuguese wave energy site and a rousing dose of Milanese rap.
3 Nov 55 min

Inside Europe - 2 November 2023

Ukraine's worst week of the year, ship-spotting to stop Putin, and an exhibition of Palestinian art in Paris. Also on the show: The Guardian's Ajit Niranjan on his carbon bomb reporting, a visit to a Portuguese wave energy site and a rousing dose of Milanese rap.
2 Nov 55 min

Inside Europe - 26 October 2023

Macron in the Middle East, a new flash point in the Caucasus, and Orban loses an ally. Also: Oboist James Austin Smith on the lost music of East Germany and a two-part look at climate adaptations, from Paris to Germany’s Ahr valley.
26 Oct 55 min

Inside Europe 19 October 2023

The European implications and repercussions of the Israel-Hamas war, Poland prepares for a new liberal-led coalition with a more pro-European stance, and the electrical items saved from the dump by the arrival of repair cafes. Also: the Spanish film festival celebrates women of horror and a new DW history podcast…
19 Oct 55 min

Inside Europe - 12 October 2023

How Russia is using the Israel-Hamas conflict for its own ends, no show for Syria in The Hague as the country is tried for war crimes, and we meet the international volunteers keeping vital aid to Ukraine stocked up. Also: two German states shift to the right, Paris cleans up…
12 Oct 55 min

Inside Europe - 5 October 2023

Ukraine war fatigue helps a pro-Putin politician to victory in Slovakia, will Europe step to fill the US gap in military aid to Kyiv? As Nagorno Karabakh prepares for dissolution, what role did Turkish drones play in Baku's victory? Also: women in Greenland demand compensation over a birth control scandal…
5 Oct 54 min

Inside Europe - 28 September 2023

The end of Nagorno-Karabakh, Greece’s Syriza party has a new leader, the race is on to find Montenegro’s laziest citizen, and in praise of all things coffee. Also on Inside Europe: The Guardian’s European Culture Editor, Philip Oltermann, kicks off a half hour of programming devoted to all things cultural...and…
28 Sep 55 min

Inside Europe - 21 September 2023

How a nuclear power plant was turned into a torture chamber, Lampedusans find themselves on the frontlines of Europe's border crisis, and how to save the British pub? Also: why anti-corruption work is war-work, how the Netherlands keep storm surges at bay, heat-proofing Seville and a trip to Italy’s annual…
21 Sep 54 min

Inside Europe - 14 September 2023

Small island nations bring a ground-breaking climate case, troop movements in the Suwalki Corridor, and Russian dissidents join Belgrade PRIDE. Also on the show: concrete problems for British schools, a Venice prize winner faces backlash in Poland, the Dutch Indiana Jones of the Art World, and the Estonian music festival…
14 Sep 54 min

Inside Europe - 7 September 2023

A Bavarian scandal with national implications, Istanbul's water is running out, and Budapest celebrates 150 years of Jewish history. Also on the show: Germany's tradition of church asylum, hot topics at the Venice Film Festival, and an opera masterclass in a Romanian castle.
7 Sep 55 min

Inside Europe - 31 August 2023

The sexual harassment scandal that’s polarising Sain, Greece’s PM moves closer to Turkey, and can Germany’s embattled coalition government turn things around in time? In the second half: Russian and EU narratives in Africa, the Netherlands changes its refugee policy and why Kyrgyzstan is reevaluating its history.
31 Aug 55 min

Inside Europe - 24 August 2023

If Prigozhin’s dead, where does that leave Belarus? - Ukrainian Independence Day falls on the 18 month anniversary of Russia’s invasion - Slovak security: dramatic arrests in the run-up to elections - A new party enters the Dutch elections race - Meet the Armenian “repats” - French produce a-plenty: but…
24 Aug 55 min

Inside Europe - 17 August 2023

The UK's new asylum barge has a German back-story, windfall taxes and how they work, the Asian migrants staffing Croatia's tourism boom, and an iconic Georgian brand takes sales hit. Also: George Soros and his relationship with Europe, African migrants bring in the Spanish harvest, the French ditch lawnmowers in…
17 Aug 55 min

Inside Europe - 10 August 2023

What the Niger coup means for France, Sweden’s freedom of speech laws are tested by book burnings and Bulgaria reckons with domestic violence. Also: A new inquiry opens up old questions about the Nazi occupation of the Channel Islands, why are so many people experiencing homelessness in Germany? Russian LGBTQ+…
10 Aug 54 min

Inside Europe - 03 August 2023

Is the far-right AfD treading a more radical course? A ship fire off the Dutch coast stokes fears over electric vehicles and after leaving Russia, many dissidents find life abroad is not plain sailing. Also: the arrival of Wagner forces near the Polish-Belarusian border angers Warsaw, the struggles of being…
3 Aug 55 min
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