AnimalCentral is a show for animal lovers, all about the creatures we love. Ainsley Hay is a qualified veterinary nurse with over 12 years experience working with pretty much any kind of animal you can think of. She is passionate about wildlife and animal welfare. Ainsley is owned by two rescue pets, a French Bulldog called Gus and a cat called Nubbins.
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AnimalCentral - Birding

Ainsley Hay chats to Heinz Ortman, a tour guide from RockJumper Birding Tours, about bird tours, the technicalities of guiding as well the amazing trips that RockJumper do.
13 Apr 2016 47 min

AnimalCentral - Arthritis in our Pets

Specialist Veterinary Surgeon from Fourways Veterinary Hospital, Dr Neels du Plessis, talks to Ainsley Hay about the all too common ailment of arthritis in pets.
6 Apr 2016 59 min

AnimalCentral - Blood Lions

Have you ever petted a lion cub? Have you ever paid to see lions in captivity? As innocent as this may seem, have you ever considered where those cubs and beautiful beasts eventually land up? Pippa Hankinson from Blood Lions discusses the ‘Blood Lions’ documentary that has exposed South Africa’s…
23 Mar 2016 46 min

AnimalCentral - Feline Kidney Health & Woodrock Dog Rescue

How is your cat’s kidney health doing? Dr Guy Fyvie tells you all you need to know about your cat’s kidneys and how to ensure your furry friend remains healthy and happy. Then, from Woodrock Dog Rescue, Stella joins Ainsley Hay to talk about their upcoming fundraiser and the incredible…
16 Mar 2016 45 min

AnimalCentral - Animal Lovers Project Swing (ALPS)

Cassandra Barbosa from Animal Lovers Project Swing (ALPS) talks about the upcoming Golf Day fundraiser taking place on 16 March 2016 as well as the vital work that ALPS does for the animals of the Etwatwa Informal Settlement.
9 Mar 2016 47 min

AnimalCentral - Humane Society International

There is some good news for chickens, find out what it is from the Humane Society International’s Tozie Zokufa who is also the Program Manager of the Farm Animals Department. Then sticking with farm animals, Dr Clint Austin also has a few words of wisdom.
2 Mar 2016 42 min

AnimalCentral - Renowned UK Dog Trainer Nando Brown

Internationally renowned UK dog trainer Nando Brown joins Ainsley Hay. He’s in SA to run workshops through DogTown SA. Some of his workshops deal with aggression and grumpy dogs, Ainsley gets some advice from him on this and other facets of pet ownership too.
17 Feb 2016 47 min

AnimalCentral - Bruntville Dog Project

Stacey Keen from the Bruntville Dog Project, a Community Based Outreach Programme, speaks to Siya Sangweni- Fynn and Jonathan Sinclair about the lessons she gives to kids about how to train and take care of their pets.
10 Feb 2016 43 min

AnimalCentral - Tack Theft

Candice Hobday from Hobday Equestrian Enterprises International Horse Transport talks about the huge amount of Tack Theft that is happening to horse owners. This appears to be a tightly run criminal syndicate that is growing daily!
3 Feb 2016 44 min

AnimalCentral - SA Drought & Rhino Poaching Survivors

With the terrible drought that South Africa is experiencing, Ainsley Hay chats with Dr Anja du Plessis, senior lecturer in the Department of Geography at Unisa and Dr Clint Austin from Bayer Animal health to discuss the far reaching effects of the drought on both people and animals. Then, all…
27 Jan 2016 48 min

AnimalCentral - The Captain’s Beard

Ainsley Hay presents a fun and light-hearted edition of the show, she also reveals which animal is her favourite. She’s joined by Shaun Piercy and Christo Plekenpol from The Captain’s Beard and James Jimbo Harvey from Rebel Management. The star of the show, however, is none other than 8-week-old rescued…
20 Jan 2016 45 min

AnimalCentral - SA Lippizaners & H20 Hooves Initiative

If you're a horse lover, this is one for you! From the SA Lippizaners, Ainsley Hay is joined by Judy Vertue, Bronwyn Taylor and Marina Snyman, to talk about what these amazing horses are all about. Then, with the countrywide drought, Kerry Byerley and Karen Keller from the H20 Hooves…
13 Jan 2016 47 min

AnimalCentral - Veterinary Nursing

Ever thought about Veterinary Nursing as a career? Well, if you or someone you know has a passion for healing and helping animals, Sr. Dalene Jansen van Vuuren from the Veterinary Nurses Association of South Africa, has some advise on the pros and cons of Veterinary Nursing as a career…
6 Jan 2016 49 min

AnimalCentral - Animal/Human Training

Animal training is more about training the human than the animal, Michelle Moll from Animal Handling speaks about this, she's joined by her dwarf French bulldog. Then Anne, a puppy raiser from the Guide Dogs Association, talks about what it takes to raise dogs that will change people's lives.
23 Dec 2015 45 min

AnimalCentral - Christmas Cruelty

Along with this festive time of year comes the unfortunate reality of "Christmas Cruelty". It can be an especially terrible time for dogs, cats and the organisations that have to care for them. Joining Ainsley Hay to discuss these issues is Tanya Nel from K9 Best Friends and Dr Noline…
16 Dec 2015 48 min

AnimalCentral - Scotty Valadao & Stevie French

Renowned pet behaviourist Scotty Valadao tells you how to keep your pets calm during firework season. Also, actress Stevie French talks about her love of dogs, but in particular, for her Boston Terrier Samantha Martin who join the ladies in studio.
9 Dec 2015 49 min

AnimalCentral - What Happened to FreeMe SA?

Ainsley Hay addresses something that is very close to her heart. After seeing the rehabilitation centre that founded her love for rehabilitating wildlife close its doors after 18 years, she chats to Margi Brocklehurst about what has happened at the FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Gauteng.
2 Dec 2015 43 min

AnimalCentral - Famous Dogs

Have you ever wanted to meet a famous dog? Well, it's your lucky day. Sue Green from Joy Dogs comes into studio and brings along Jazmine, Oscar and Yola who used to play the role of the "paint" dog but are now therapy dogs. Also joining the show is Andrew…
25 Nov 2015 50 min

AnimalCentral - Birding

Ainsley Hay talks about birding and what an exciting and fascinating hobby this can be. She is joined by John Kinghorn from Birding Eco Tours and Youth Africa Birding.
18 Nov 2015 46 min

AnimalCentral - Brainy Birds

"Polly want a cracker?" Dee Hendrickx from Brainy Birds joins Sharon Dale to educate animal lovers on proper parrot keeping techniques, she brings in a few of her feathery friends too.
11 Nov 2015 48 min
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