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You're invited to kick it with show host Arye Kellman and guests, as they connect to news, life, sport, entertainment, music, health, tech, opinion and humour. #Kellman on CliffCentral is inspiring a new generation of thought leaders, by giving them the platform to voice their aspirations and passions to an audience who are hungry to have their voices heard.
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#UCDTakeoverKellman - Kiddominant

The team chats to Africa's multiple award-winning producer Kiddominant. Kiddo - as those close to him call him - shares stories of how the songs 'Fela in Versace', 'Alright' and 'Jika' came about. They talk about his move to SA and future plans... and in true #UrbanCultureDrive style, play a…
8 Aug 2018 10AM 59 min

#UCDTakeoverKellman - Open Secrets

After the airing of the Marikana document where 34 mine workers died, the team discuss the details of the event, they express their views, and Candice introduces a new feature to the show.
7 Aug 2018 11AM 40 min

#UCDTakeoverKellman - The Age of Depression

Following the numerous cases of young people taking their lives because of depression, the team open up the topic for discussion and share some very helpful and insightful information on dating, rape, success and depression itself.
7 Aug 2018 10AM 43 min

#UCDTakeoverKellman - Smalls

Katlehong (K1) born and bred rapper Simphiwe Mthimunye - aka Smalls - joins the team for a chat about some of his latest ventures in the music industry. He gives us the lowdown on who he is planning on working with in the near future, some new music that he…
6 Aug 2018 11AM 40 min

#UCDTakeoverKellman - Pontsho Manzi

Businesswoman and philanthropist Pontsho Manzi joins the team to share how she is empowering the women of South Africa. She talks about the recent Fabulous Women Awards that took place at the beginning of August, and how they aim to celebrate women from all walks of life for their contribution…
6 Aug 2018 10AM 16 min

#UCDTakeoverKellman - Dr John Bermard

According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), 366 million people have diabetes globally. It predicts this will rise to 552 million by 2030 and the biggest increase is expected in Africa. How do we combat this pandemic? Dr John Bermard has the answers - he lets us in on some…
6 Aug 2018 10AM 16 min

#UCDTakeoverKellman - Lindo (aka Ntswembu)

Soweto-born content creator Lindo Ntombela (aka Ntswembu) joins the team in studio. The young creator takes the team through the ins and outs of the TV and production industry. He shares about his projects with CNBC Africa, his upcoming Forbes Magazine cover, and his TV project dropping later this year…
2 Aug 2018 10AM 1 hr 11 min

#UCDTakeoverKellman - We Mean What We Say

The team discuss the idea of equality between men and women and it gets heated. Craig backs Candice and Producer Job into a corner during the show feature #NowYouKnow... and Candice brings some interesting points to the table in the new feature #FillMeIn.
1 Aug 2018 11AM 42 min

#UCDTakeoverKellman - This Is Us

The team is in studio chatting amongst themselves. They welcome Women's Month with conversations surrounding females. Candice and Producer Job turn up the heat in studio as they get in a quarrel regarding Women's Month and what it stands for. Craig reveals his thoughts and stance on parenting, Candice talks…
1 Aug 2018 10AM 43 min

#UCDTakeoverKellman - Freeze Frame

SA's biggest dance crew, Freeze Frame, took some time to have a chat with the team. We spoke about their Croatian trip, how they handle beef, and they drop some heavy jewels of who are the whack crews and peeps in the game at the moment. Definitely a must listen…
31 Jul 2018 10AM 55 min

#UCDTakeoverKellman - Freeze Frame

SA's biggest dance crew, Freeze Frame, took some time to have a chat with the team. We spoke about their Croatian trip, how they handle beef, and they drop some heavy jewels of who are the whack crews and peeps in the game at the moment. Definitely a must listen…
31 Jul 2018 10AM 55 min

#Kellman - Lungi Naidoo

South African singer and songwriter Lungi Naidoo sits down with Arye for a chat on what she is currently up to. She breaks it down on how she fell in love with music when she was just 10 years old, who inspired her to pursue music, and also who she…
30 Jul 2018 11AM 9 min

#Kellman - Roy Stilliano

Rapper and producer extraordinaire Roy Stilliano chats to Arye about what he's been up to since they last spoke... he's made some mistakes and learned some lessons. He also updates us on some new music and videos he's about to drop.
30 Jul 2018 11AM 7 min

#Kellman - Discovery Life's Andrew McCurrie

Head of Market Insights for Discovery Life, Andrew McCurrie joins Arye Kellman to chat about how to close the insurance gap among millennials, factors contributing to the need for life insurance, and so much more.
30 Jul 2018 10AM 12 min

#Kellman - The new ‘Randela’

The SA Reserve Bank made an exciting announcement for Mandela Month with the launch of a special new banknote in honour of the man himself. The new ‘Randela’ also has an interesting feature: an Augmented Reality app with a gaming feature. Arye Kellman chats to Lebo Lekoma from Sea Monster…
23 Jul 2018 11AM 9 min

#Kellman - Trey Mash

Musician Trey Mash chats to Arye about his musical journey thus far, and teases what’s next. Trey also has some thoughts on the local music scene at present, and holds nothing back in sharing his feelings on the state of the industry.
4 Jul 2018 10AM 14 min

#Kellman - Gino Brown

Musician Gino Brown is taking 2018 by storm with new music and a refreshed approach to his artistry. Gino tells Arye about the rest of his year, and teases an exciting upcoming project.
3 Jul 2018 11AM 10 min

#Kellman - Dj Linc

Mom and DJ, DJ Linc pops in to chat about her musical evolution and shares deep insights into her current musical state of mind. Linc’s also got some exciting projects in the works, which she shares exclusive information around.
3 Jul 2018 10AM 12 min

#Kellman - Dj Misfit

Described by many as one of the ‘dopest’ people in music, DJ Misfit chats to Arye about her musical narrative and expands on her entertainment philosophy. She also throws forward to what’s next for her in 2018.
3 Jul 2018 10AM 10 min

#Kellman - Majozi

It's been three years since Arye and Majozi had a chat. We find out what he's been up to all this time - getting more tattoos, moving to Johannesburg, opening for some great artists... and he performs a few songs from his latest album.
2 Jul 2018 11AM 28 min
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