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Bill Nasson

Bill Nasson is a Professor of History who, along with several other authors, has written a New History of South Africa. He and Gareth discuss how the book was put together, why history should be about great stories, and how politicised so much of it has become. Bill also has a few wonderful anecdotal stories, that will surprise even the biggest history nerds...

Larry Elder

Larry Elder is a talk show host, political commentator and black conservative voice in America. In this conversation, he and Gareth talk about race in America, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the conservative movement, and how awful California is.

Johann Hari

Johann Hari has written an astonishing book about how we’re more distracted than ever, and how everyone (and he does mean EVERYONE) can’t focus. It’s partly obvious - screens, technology, non-stop reels of news, pictures, videos and self-absorbed nonsense… but it’s also much more dangerous. It’s actually making us dumber too. Join Gareth and Johann as they unpack his research, the stories in the book, and some incredible insights in this compelling conversation.

Dr Alan Mendoza

Dr Alan Mendoza is a Founder and the Executive Director of the Henry Jackson Society - which is a British-based think tank with a global outlook. He directs analysis, research focus, strategy and development for the organisation. Since this discussion was recorded on the day Boris Johnson resigned as Prime Minister, Gareth launched straight into that. The conversation touched on Russia/Ukraine, China, the political left and right, free speech and briefly, South Africa.

Erika Bornman & Celimpilo Malinga

Two brave women made it out of a cult and lived to tell the tale. Erika Bornman and Celimpilo Malinga were both taken to KwaSizabantu at a young age and raised in the mission. There they were subjected to some disturbing and abusive experiences, and somehow found a way to escape. Hear their incredible stories in this interview.

Jason Goliath

Comedian Jason Goliath comes in guns blazing as he stands up for fat people against Gareth Cliff and Ben Karpinski. They also get into a discussion about how he survived lockdown, how a hacker defrauded his business of over R250k, the difference between ‘digital’ and ‘real life’ comedians, and being the new voice of Comedy Central Africa.

Professor David Block

Professor David Block is an astronomer and highly sought-after inspirational speaker. He joins Gareth to have an eye-opening conversation about the black hole photo from the Milky Way, the recent lunar eclipse, and his astronomical achievements!

Pie-Pacifique Kabalira-Uwase

Pie-Pacifique was 13 when the war in Rwanda started, and he lived through the terror of the ensuing genocide. His experience of it, and the story of how his life fell apart and was rebuilt from nothing is inspiring and extraordinary. He sat down with Gareth to explore just a few of the unbelievable and terrifying things he has been through - from refugee, to car guard, to university graduate, to businessman.

Riaad Moosa

Warning: excessive laughter might occur while listening to this podcast! From entertaining fans online with his virtual comedy club, to gracing the big screen in the hit film, New Material, comedy heavyweight, Dr Riaad Moosa has kept us entertained for the past two years. And soon he’s returning to a real stage…

Jesse Clegg & Nicholas Petricca

Reflecting back on his journey, Jesse will be making a welcome appearance at the Teatro at Montecasino this weekend, where he will be performing his own original music and songs. Flying in specially for this show is Nicholas Petricca from the critically acclaimed band, Walk The Moon, who Jesse has spent a lot of time writing, producing and recording with in Los Angeles. The duo have a candid conversation with Gareth about how they connected over Jesse's famous dad Johnny, the way in which music can be healing and more.

Thabang Skwambane

Thabang Skwambane is both a philanthropist and a capitalist - and proves they’re not mutually exclusive categories. He has risen to the top of the advertising business and has some interesting, and controversial, views on things like transformation and political correctness. Thabang also tells us about travelling through six countries without money, and helping to raise money for the most vulnerable people in South Africa.

Joel Pollak

Joel Pollak is the Editor at Large at - America’s biggest and fastest-growing conservative news platform, and he has a wide range of experience in politics and media. In this comprehensive interview, Gareth and Joel unpack Trump, Biden, cancel-culture, Andrew Breitbart and his legacy, Trudeau’s tyrannical behaviour, and even South African politics.

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