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Maj Toure

After seeing too many people he knew going to jail for gun possession charges, not because they robbed or killed somebody, but just because they had the gun... Maj Toure was inspired to make a change. He ended up forming Black Guns Matter in 2016 - a grassroots organisation that educates people in urban communities on their Second Amendment rights and responsibilities through firearms training and education. Gareth has a frank discussion with the North Philadelphia-raised activist on gun rights, freedom, politics and how these all affect each other.

#LivingInLockdown: Dr Dennis Goodman

Is information overload better or worse than no information at all in a pandemic? What does a doctor do when he’s stuck on the West Coast of America, but he lives on the East Coast? In a bittersweet sequence of events, a new life has joined the Goodman family, while so many are clinging on to theirs. Dr Dennis Goodman (Clinical Professor of Medicine & Director of Integrative Medicine: NYU) unpacks the essence of what we understand about Covid-19 from a medical point of view at this stage. Price gouging with ventilators has reared its ugly head in America, but the US government has come to the rescue. The greatest challenge we now face as humanity is that, to truly comfort those you love, you have to stay away from them. The good doctor urges us to practice humanity... even if it’s just a virtual hug.

#LivingInLockdown: Siv Ngesi

South Africans aren’t taking Covid-19 seriously enough, and if the current civil disobedience continues, Siv Ngesi believes we will have mass graves or have to burn bodies! Never shy of poking the social bear, this self-professed Adonis lookalike funny man believes any social distancing measures we implement in South Africa cannot mirror those of the first world, as the shoe doesn’t fit in our context and the cost of copy paste policy implementation in this case could be tens of thousands of lives. The expansion of Pornhub to the premium package for free has left many a man with too many choices, or is that a ridiculous statement in these times? There’s a dark all too real Covid-19 fear deep in the heart of the silver screen star though, and it’s haunting and personal.

Living in Lockdown: Pamina Bohrer

"Perfection is the enemy of the good when it comes to emergency management!" So said Dr Mike Ryan of the World Health Organisation when asked how Covid-19 could be contained. Poignant words indeed especially considering the pandemic which the world is gripped by currently. The Italian Chamber has a bilateral allegiance to both South Africa and Italy, and the latter has been ravaged by Covid-19. Will South Africa learn from Italy's unfortunate circumstances? If Pamina Bohrer has anything to do with it, both countries can rest assured they have a heroine who will do her utmost to ensure both nations prosper. She speaks about what geo-political and global economic landscapes may look like after Covid-19, where hope has sprung eternal before, and what her role is in liaising on behalf of the land of Picasso in Madiba's Rainbow Nation.

 #LivingInLockdown: J'Something

Are there any comforts within the shared experience of a global pandemic? Art is food for the soul and J'Something is an artist who loves his fans and being on stage performing. What is the life of an artist like in lockdown? With an album launch around the corner, can technology help him to creatively release the album without touring, and have it be feasible? Church Bells is the new single which is out now from Mi Casa, with the new album launching in May 2020. J shares some incredibly moving thoughts about what he hopes the world at large may look and feel like post Covid-19.

#LivingInLockdown: Ndaba Mandela

What's it like to test positive for Covid-19, and what is the mental side of being diagnosed with such a virus? With a surname like Mandela, there is an honour and lineage of greatness to carry. Ndaba Mandela and his team have started The Mandela Institute for Humanity. The values and principles of his grandfather are transferable in his mind, and they have grounded him in everything he is emploring us all to take up as Africans. How should we deal with 21 days of lockdown? What lessons can we as humanity learn from this pandemic? Apparently green fingers, and something else which is green, are the way forward.

Alexandre Lazarow

Wherever you are in the world, Silicon Valley has led the charge when it comes to setting the standard of entrepreneurship the world over... including what work culture looks like, and how systems are created. But have they slipped up when it comes to innovation? That’s a thought Alexandre Lazarow expands on in his new book, ‘Out-Innovate: How Global Entrepreneurs--from Delhi to Detroit--Are Rewriting the Rules of Silicon Valley’. Gareth has a conversation about innovation in business with this author and venture capitalist.

DrD Dorianne Weil, Clinical Psychology

When a pandemic strikes, people tend to have alarm and terror as their base response. Dr D unpacks what is observable in the behaviour of society in moments of terror. Is panic more contagious than Covid-19? In times of self-isolation, there may very well be opportunities to attend to the needs of the human soul. Suffering doesn’t always need to go to waste, connecting with loved ones is a deliberate act. Can we bring ourselves to be introspective in this situation?

Colin Coleman

Following his return to South Africa, Colin has had the coronavirus test done and he details what that was like. Now lecturing in New York at Yale, he feels like he’s back at university and is a man reinvigorated. Tito Mboweni’s 2020 Budget Speech... what should we like, and what should we apprehensive about? With the Covid-19 outbreak and its seismic effects on the world economy, what timelines are we actually looking at in terms of entering a recession?

Marian Tupy

Don’t let the trappings of Twitter, 'fake news', or being stuck in traffic every day fool you... there’s been no better time to be alive than right now - as the Editor of, Marian Tupy and his team believe, and prove this through their website that shows how the state of humanity has improved in almost every way over time. Building the site on the premise that the media misuse data to paint an overly negative picture of development, Marian chats to Gareth about the good that's happening all around us.

Pearl Thusi

The world truly is Pearl Thusi's oyster... she is flying high right now with the launch of 'Queen Sono' - a Netflix series with powerful punches and kicks! There are so many exciting changes she chats to Gareth about in this conversation: Adopting a daughter, major career successes, how she now deals with social media, and even new management. Get an unfiltered and authentic glimpse into the life of the TV presenter and actress here.

Cindy Alter

Clout legend, Cindy Alter reveals all - from singing on all of Yvonne Chaka Chaka’s early songs, to her producer being an utter scumbag. She unpacks how she feels about performing her hit songs 'Save Me' and 'Substitute'. It’s 2020 and Cindy is still making music and keeping it real.

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