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A hybrid of online radio, podcast and YouTube – live from 06h00 to 08h00 – Gareth and his team bring you ‘unradio’ – unscripted, uncensored, real conversations about everything that happens in our world, everything we all experience every day, what makes us think… makes us laugh… makes us cry… makes us angry… inspires us… and makes us human.

It’s about the stuff that connects us on this journey called LIFE. Welcome to it!
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Vive la Résistance

16.0.24 Pt 2 - Matthew Pienaar and Lauren Evanthia Bernardo from the Organic Humanity Movement join Democracy 101 to plead their case ahead of the elections. They speak about gun control, education, and how changing government systems are the key to solving many issues in the country.
16 Apr 2AM 58 min

Eternal Children

16.04.24 Pt 1 - Gareth and Jack discuss how we have corrupted language. Jack has thoughts on why he thinks kids aren’t growing up. JJ Cornish joins the team to talk about ‘donor fatigue’… and other developing stories across Africa.
16 Apr 1AM 58 min

The Best Booty

15.04.24 Pt 2 - Comedian Mark Mdluli joins the team as they compare countries based on food… and booty. Mark tells us about the time he was almost swindled by a seemingly innocent lady. The team debate what would happen if everyone in the world became a millionaire.
15 Apr 2AM 56 min

Danger Markets

15.04.24 Pt 1 - Gareth and Leigh-Ann start their week catching up on the latest news from the weekend, leading to a discussion about the safety of online marketplaces. Producer James joins the team to talk about the ‘knockout of the century’ from UFC 300. And Dr Hanan chats about…
15 Apr 2AM 51 min

Mind your Manners

12.04.24 Pt 2 - Ben has a suggestion for J.K. Rowling’s next book. Philip Sykes from the British School of Excellence joins Gareth and Simphiwe for some etiquette lessons.
12 Apr 2AM 1 hour

The Tale of Jacco Macacco

12.04.24 Pt 1 - Simphiwe tells us about ‘phubbing’ - which isn’t as rude as it sounds. Ben advises us on how to make golf fans happy. And Gareth shares a crazy story from the pits of London.
12 Apr 2AM 1 hr 02 min

Repair and Rebuild SA

11.04.24 Pt 2 - Dr Pieter Groenewald joins the team to describe the process of creating the Freedom Front Plus manifesto, by identifying the deeper issues in the country. Dr Groenewald also reflects on the positives of a coalition government.
11 Apr 2AM 1 hr 08 min

Eclipsing Intelligence

11.04.24 Pt 1 - Gareth starts the show by poking holes in some of Phumi’s favourite conspiracies, leaving Phumi to bite back. The team find out about indigenous scientists and their ‘advice’ for a solar eclipse. And the new emojis cause some eye-rolling in studio.
11 Apr 2AM 59 min

Yearning for Difference

09.04.24 Pt 2 - Lourensa Eckard joins the team for Democracy 101 to chat all things politics. They discuss how South African people are in desperate need for change, and the basis to have so many parties on the ballot.
9 Apr 2AM 56 min

You are but a Man

09.04.24 Pt 1 - Gareth Cliff and Jack Motlanthe look at projected poll numbers ahead of the elections. Gareth gives his view on the type of person that should be President… and a bit of a history lesson. And we learn about Destination Management on The Window Seat.
9 Apr 2AM 1 hour

Kaptein my Captain

08.04.24 Pt 2 - Kurt Darren joins the team to talk about the process he goes through when recording music, and how he manages to release a single every 3 months. Kurt speaks on quality time spent with his son while “camping” in the bush, and he chats about the…
8 Apr 2AM 1 hour

Running on Empty

08.04.24 Pt 1 - Gareth and Leigh-Ann speak about bathroom contingencies when you are bursting, with a reflection on the benefits of stomach bugs. Producer James joins the team to let his emotions out after a tough sport weekend for him. And Dr Hanan answers a question about losing people…
8 Apr 1AM 58 min

Red Flag Demands

05.04.24 Pt 2 - Simphiwe releases her list of requirements, as she searches for the man of her dreams. Dr Victor joins the team and touches on how Covid impacted him, and the role the audience plays at live events.
5 Apr 2AM 56 min

Two Many Bens

05.04.24 Pt 1 - Would you accept a pig’s kidney to save your life? Gareth and Simphiwe are joined by guest co-host, Benedict Maaga. The team share some questionable stories about their school days. The original Ben joins to give a rundown of the upcoming weekend sport, with lots of…
5 Apr 1AM 58 min

Adjusting through Transition

04.03.24 Pt 2 - Mkhuleko Hlengwa from the IFP joins the team to not only outline his manifesto, but also to talk about the party and their approach to creating a “new normal” in South Africa. Phumi also questions Mkhuleko on the hotly debated Multi-Party Charter.
4 Apr 2AM 1 hr 06 min

Happy Day

04.03.24 Pt 1 - Phumi shares some of her thoughts by taking us on a deep dive into her notebook. Gareth makes a tit of himself by showing us a recent piece of art he saw. And Jacqui from Paws @ Work joins the team to chat about their initiative…
4 Apr 12AM 57 min

A Rough Landing

02.04.24 Pt 2 - Arise SA leader, Mpho Dagada joins Democracy 101 with Gareth and Jack. Mpho speaks on some of the areas he would target if he was president, leading to conflicting views from the team. They also speak about the state of crime and GBV, and the way…
2 Apr 2AM 1 hr 02 min

Taken a Toll

02.04.24 Pt 1 - Gareth and Jack talk about e-tolls finally being scrapped, and what it means for the people of Joburg. Gareth gives his thoughts on voice note etiquette. And JJ Cornish catches the team up on what’s happening in the rest of Africa.
2 Apr 12AM 1 hour

The Greater GOOD?

28.03.24 Pt 2 - Brett Herron from the GOOD Party joins the Burning Platform for a heated analysis on the party’s manifesto. Gareth questions Brett on his outlook on social justice, the Multi-Party Charter, the concept of Cape Exit and more.
28 Mar 1AM 1 hr 04 min

Ceiling Creatures

28.03.24 Pt 1 - Gareth and Phumi talk about ‘phrogging’, and how it has affected Gareth’s sleep. The team give their colourful opinion on some of the latest news stories. Phumi gives her verdict on some of the newer parties ahead of the elections.
28 Mar 12AM 56 min
1 – 20