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Presented by Timothy Maurice, who is a four-time bestselling author.

The show that delves deep into the roots of human and brand behaviour. Why do we do what we do and what are the drivers of human behaviour that society is afraid to speak about? We explore how brands make consumers irrational, and how this irrational behaviour leads to bizarre social consequences. What are the best ideas and how are the boldest thinkers bridging this divide?

Ultimately, this philosophy is about creating using the best values and ideas to create influential stories and brands that shape society in a positive way. In the spirit CliffCentral was created, we will dig deep but explore with integrity, efficiency and diligence.

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A Neuroscience Professor’s Brain Power Short Course (Part 2 of 3)

In part 2 of this series, Timothy Maurice brings back MIT Neuroscience Professor, Dr Tara Swart, as she shares research and insight into subjects ranging from navigating diversity... to channeling your brain power during uncertain times. Dr Swart is a Neuroscientist and the author of bestselling books ‘Neuroscience for Leadership’ and ‘The Source’.

A Neuroscience Professor’s Brain Power Short Course (Part 1 of 3)

Timothy Maurice interviews MIT Neuroscience Professor, Dr Tara Swart, in a 3-part Brain Power series to offer you a simple short course to help you get more out of your brain, and apply the latest brain research to your personal brand and leadership journey. Dr Swart is the author of the best selling books, ‘Neuroscience for Leadership’ and ‘The Source’. You will learn how to rewire your brain, how to boost memory recall, be more creative, and ultimately lead at a higher level.

An MIT Professor on your LinkedIN strategy

Timothy Maurice speaks to Ben Shields, Professor of Managerial Communications at MIT, and author of 'Persuasion in Networked Culture', about the power of persuasion and the strategic use of social media... plus the importance of having a targeted, practical plan on LinkedIN.

Is the Female Orgasm linked to Gender Equality?

Timothy Maurice speaks to Pleasure Activist Tamar Goren about how power and patriarchal systems have attempted to stifle female pleasure, and how women can free themselves to pursue their most equal and sexually liberated selves. This conversation is deeply tied to gender equality, and you’ll discover both how the system has locked you out of your own right to pleasure, as well as how you can unlock an orgasmic dimension of you that you may not have been able to access before.

Educating your 13-year-old Mind

Timothy Maurice asks a neuroscientist, bank CEO, student and women from all walks of life to go into the mind of their 13-year-old self, and share what they’ve learned. Your brain is influenced by its experiences and the patterns carved from youth, but you can rewire your brain to chart the next chapter of your life. It's helpful to look back and speak to your younger self in order to look forward.

An Erotic Masseuse on Male Psychology

Timothy Maurice interviews a sex worker named Princess, who performs erotic massages but also studies psychology. They explore how she got into the industry of giving sensual or happy ending massages, and she shares what she has learned about male psychology and human behaviour. She also offers advice to any young women considering sex work as a career. On many levels, Princess represents that space between what’s known in behavioural science as Stated Preference versus Revealed Preferences.

A Biologist explains how your Brain deceives

Timothy speaks to Erik Vance, a Biologist and award-winning science journalist who has written for The New York Times, Scientific American and National Geographic. They explore the biological basis of expectation, and share how you can use this understanding to integrate it into your personal branding and organisational brand leadership strategy. Erik is the author of the best-selling book, ‘Suggestible YOU: The Curious Science of your Brain’s ability to Deceive, Transform and Heal‘.

Spending time with Nelson Mandela

Timothy shares what he learned from being in a relationship with a family member of Nelson Mandela for 10 years. He unpacks 7 key lessons he observed from ‘Brand Mandela’ that you can apply to your life to make a difference in your personal leadership style as well as to impact your community.

A Neurologist’s Tips for an Elite Brain

Timothy Maurice reconnects with neurologist, Dr Kirti Ranchod, for a follow-up conversation exploring how to position your brain for elite mental performance. Make sure you go back and listen to the previous episode if you haven't yet. Timothy also shares a behavioural science concept called second brain design.

Brain Boosting Tips from a Neurologist

Timothy Maurice speaks to neurologist, Dr Kirti Ranchod, about 3 simple ways to boost your brain to create more capacity, by incorporating the beauty of the arts and nature into your life. Dr Ranchod is an Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health, Global Brain Health Institute.

A Conversation with Jeff Bezos & Elon Musk

Timothy Maurice cleverly engages the minds of Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, by having actors read their quotes from their public statements - in order to understand how these iconic entrepreneurs think critically to grow their businesses, their wealth, as well as how they impact society.

Connecting the Brain’s Dots

Timothy Maurice explores a concept called Patternicity, or the brain’s pattern recognition capacity. He speaks to award-winning TV host and mega influencer Ayanda Thabethe about her tweet that went viral about the value of starting from the bottom and connecting the dots along the way. In this episode you’ll learn the importance of association learning and the power of patterns, as well as being inspired by Ayanda’s personal story.

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