BBC 6 Minute Vocabulary

6 Minute Vocabulary

Build your English vocabulary in six minutes. Every Monday join two of our presenters and hear about different ways to develop your vocabulary knowledge and skills. Our presenters include Finn, Emma, Rob, Neil, Sophie and Alice. They are there to teach you new vocabulary and to test your language knowledge and they'll do it all in just six minutes.
Weekly English United Kingdom Language Learning
20 Episodes

Academic vocabulary

Learn how to cope if you are studying at an English-speaking university.
1 Apr 6 min

Irregular verbs

Some irregular verbs can be grouped into patterns to help remember the different forms.
18 Mar 6 min

Adjectives from names

We discuss a group of adjectives that are made from the names of famous people.
4 Mar 7 min

Large numbers

How many stars are there in the universe? Learn how to say big numbers in English.
26 Feb 6 min


Learn about words that have the same or similar meanings
12 Feb 7 min

Linking words

Listen to Angela talk about her lucky shark escape and learn some linking words.
9 Jan 6 min


Listen to Peter and Catherine talking about acronyms like NASA and FIFA in this podcast.
25 Dec 2023 7 min


Finn and Catherine discuss antonyms in 6 minute Vocabulary.
19 Dec 2023 7 min

Suffixes: -ness & -ity

Listen to Neil and Catherine talk about words with the suffixes -ness and -ity.
11 Dec 2023 6 min

Irregular verbs

Choose, chose, chosen... We talk about verbs that don't follow the -ed pattern.
13 Nov 2023 6 min

Reporting verbs

Learn about verbs that we use when we talk about what someone else has said.
7 Nov 2023 6 min