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Tech leaders say AI 'a threat to humanity'

Key figures in the technology world want the training of powerful artificial intelligence systems to be suspended amid fears of a threat to humanity. They have signed an open letter warning of potential risks, and say the race to develop AI systems, such as the presently popular ChatGPT, is out…
29 Mar 5PM 51 min

Swiss women say climate change is violating their human rights

More than 2,000 women are taking the Swiss government to court claiming its policy on climate change is violating their right to life and health - the first time the European Court of Human Rights will hear such a case; also, scientists reveal brightest gamma explosion ever; and the British…
29 Mar 11AM 49 min

Migrants dead after northern Mexico facility fire

Dozens of people die in a fire in a migrant processing centre in northern Mexico close to the border with the United States. Ciudad Juárez, where the fire occurred, is located across the Rio Grande river from El Paso, Texas and has seen an influx of people in recent weeks…
28 Mar 5PM 50 min

Uneasy calm in Israel after controversial reforms are paused

Opposition parties in Israel are preparing to enter talks with the far-right coalition over the government's judicial overhaul plan, after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced its passage through parliament would be paused. We speak to a politician from the prime minister’s Likud party. Also in the programme: We're live in…
28 Mar 10AM 48 min

Netanyahu delays legal reforms after strikes

Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced he would delay a key part of controversial plans to overhaul the justice system to prevent a "rupture among our people". However it is unclear what a delay will achieve beyond buying time. It followed intense protests after he fired his defence minister, who…
27 Mar 5PM 49 min

Strikes and protests as pressure mounts on Israel's PM

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is under immense pressure over controversial judicial reforms that he wants to push through. The changes to the country's justice system have provoked an outpouring of anger from nearly all parts of Israeli society, including its powerful military. Tens of thousands of people took to…
27 Mar 10AM 49 min

Netanyahu removes defence minister

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has transferred Defence Minister, Yoav Gallant from his post. On Saturday, Mr Gallant called on the prime minister to halt legislation on his proposed changes to the judiciary. The controversial bill has divided the country with many seeing it as a threat to Israeli…
26 Mar 5PM 49 min

'Russia to station nuclear weapons in Belarus' - Putin

Russia will station tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, President Vladimir Putin has declared. But he said the move would not violate nuclear non-proliferation agreements and compared it to the US stationing its weapons in Europe. We'll hear what an advisor to Ukraine's Ministry of Defence thinks about the situation and…
26 Mar 9AM 49 min

Rwandan dissident handed over to Qatari government

The Rwandan dissident, Paul Rusesabagina, has been handed over to the Qatari government after being freed from jail. Mr Rusesabagina, whose heroism during the 1994 genocide was the subject of the film, Hotel Rwanda. He is later expected to fly to the United States to join his family. Also in…
25 Mar 6PM 48 min

Paul Rusesabagina freed from Prison in Rwanda

We start in Rwanda, where Paul Rusesabagina has been released from prison. He the manager of a hotel in Kigali in 1994 and is credited with saving the lives of more than a thousand people during the genocide. The movie "Hotel Rwanda" was inspired by his story. We bring you…
25 Mar 10AM 49 min

Rahul Gandhi disqualified from India's parliament

Opposition parties in India have accused the government of stifling democracy after Rahul Gandhi was disqualified from parliament over a defamation conviction. But a supporter of Prime Minister Modi tells us that it's a legal, not a political, matter. Also on the programme, Rwanda has said it will release the…
24 Mar 6PM 48 min

US politicians grill TikTok boss

The chief executive of TikTok has been defending the Chinese-owned video-sharing app in the face of hostile questioning at a US Congressional committee hearing. Shou Zi Chew denied TikTok is a national security risk and played down the company's connection to China. He insisted data would never be given to…
23 Mar 6PM 48 min

Protests as Israel's parliament limits judicial power

Israelis are holding demonstrations across the country in the latest mass protest against moves by the government to overhaul the judicial system. The law would make it more difficult for courts to remove a prime minister deemed unfit for office. We'll hear from a former prime minister who tells us…
23 Mar 11AM 48 min

UN issues dire warning over water

The UN opened its first conference on water security in almost half a century on Wednesday with a plea to governments to better manage one of humanity's shared resources. Co-chairwoman of the Global Commission on the Economics of Water, Mariana Mazzucato tells Newshour about the scale of the problem. Also…
22 Mar 6PM 48 min