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New York paralysed by floodwaters

Heavy overnight rains have left parts of New York City under water. The mayor of New York, Eric Adams, has declared an emergency in the city. Also on the programme: President Putin’s plans to bring Wagner mercenaries under the control of the government; and police in Las Vegas arrest a…
29 Sep 5PM 48 min

UNICEF: 60% jump in unaccompanied child migrants

The United Nations says 60% more unaccompanied children made the dangerous sea crossing from North Africa to Europe last year. Also in the programme: a suicide bomb attack in Pakistan has killed more than fifty people gathering at mosque on a religious holiday. And the family in Norway looking for…
29 Sep 10AM 48 min

Nagorno-Karabakh leader officially ends independence movement

The self-declared leader of Nagorno-Karabakh formally declares an end to the struggle for independence from Azerbaijan. We hear from the border crossing point and a woman whose family is fleeing. Also in the programme: the actor Michael Gambon has died; and Barbie in Russia. (Image: Vehicles carrying refugees from Nagorno-Karabakh,…
28 Sep 5PM 50 min

Nagorno Karabakh: most ethnic Armenians have fled

More than half of the ethnic Armenian population of Nagorno Karabakh have now fled the territory. Armenia's prime minister has accused Azerbaijan of ethnic cleansing; we hear from an advisor to Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev. Also in the programme Taiwan unveils its first military submarine, built in just seven years;…
28 Sep 10AM 49 min

US soldier expelled by North Korea

A US soldier who crossed the border from North Korea from South Korea two months ago is back in American custody and on his way home. Travis King was handed over to US officials in China. Also in the programme: A group of young people from Portugal are taking legal…
27 Sep 5PM 47 min

Young people sue over climate change

Six young people from Portugal have filed a lawsuit against 32 governments, including all EU member states, the UK, Norway, Russia, Switzerland and Turkey. They accuse the countries of insufficient action over climate change and failing to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions enough to hit the Paris Agreement target of…
27 Sep 10AM 49 min

Many killed in fuel blast as ethnic Armenians flee

The death toll from last night's explosion at a fuel depot in Nagorno-Karakakh is rising. The cause of the blast is still unclear, but it happened as Azerbaijan moved in to take control of the contested enclave. Hundreds were injured. Nearly 30,000 thousand ethnic Armenians have now fled Nagorno-Karakakh, the…
26 Sep 5PM 48 min

Global warming targets 'within reach'

The International Energy Agency says renewable technologies could help limit global warming to 1.5*C - but it added much bolder action was required. The watchdog said international co-operation would be vital and called for massive investments of more than four trillion dollars every year. It also said industrialised countries need…
26 Sep 10AM 51 min

Thousands of ethnic Armenians flee Nagorno Karabakh

As thousands of ethnic Armenians flee Nagorno Karabakh, Newshour hears from a volunteer who has been at the border. Also on the programme: A possible end to Hollywood's longest strike in decades; and why Lego bricks are struggling to go greener. (Photo: Armenian Red Cross Society volunteers prepare food and…
25 Sep 5PM 50 min

Ethnic cleansing fears as Armenians leave disputed region

A growing stream of ethnic Armenian refugees are fleeing Nagorno-Karabakh following Azerbaijan's seizure of the disputed region last week. Amidst fears of ethnic cleansing, more than 3,000 people have so far crossed into Armenia from the enclave, which is home to a majority of some 120,000 ethnic Armenians. Also in…
25 Sep 10AM 50 min

Nagorno-Karabakh: Armenia wants UN monitors

Armenia's prime minister blames Russia for failing to ensure security after as Azerbaijan took control of disputed Nagorno Karabakh. Nikol Pashinyan says the security arrangements in Nagorno Karabakh were ‘ineffective’. We hear from the Armenian ambassador in UK and the US Senator Gary Peters, who is in the region. Also…
24 Sep 9AM 51 min

Nagorno-Karabakh: aid arrives amidst worsening conditions

The Red Cross has managed to deliver seventy tonnes of aid to Nagorno-Karabakh for the first time since Azerbaijan captured the disputed territory this week. Some have sought refuge in the main city amidst dwindling food, medicine and fuel supplies. Also on the programme: the head of Sudan's army tells…
23 Sep 5PM 50 min

Conditions in Nagorno-Karabakh worsening

Ethnic Armenian civilians say conditions in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh are becoming critical, as thousands seek shelter in the city. We hear from the ICRC. Also in the programme: Ukraine may get long-range ATACMS missiles; and Italy's new surrogacy law. (Picture: A still image taken from a handout video…
23 Sep 9AM 49 min

Ukraine uses western-supplied missiles to hit Crimea

Ukraine has mounted a missile strike on the headquarters of Russia's Black Sea navy in Crimea. A source at the Ukrainian Air Force has told the BBC it used a type of cruise missile supplied by Britain and France. Russia illegally annexed the southern Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea in 2014…
22 Sep 5PM 48 min