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Keeping a Cool Head

As tensions heat up after the EFF’s 10-year anniversary celebration... many people are frightened, angry, confused, and highly emotional. Gareth Cliff encourages us to keep a cool head and to remember what brings us together as a country, not what sets us apart.
4 Aug 2023 12AM 6 min

Gareth’s Monologue - Couch Critics

Everyone is talking about Elon Musk laying off some of the Twitter workforce… what about Mark Zuckerberg at Meta? Gareth shares his thoughts and opinion on this, and gives us an update on how the US midterm elections are going.
10 Nov 2022 11PM 27 min

US Midterm Elections explained

If you're looking at the US Midterm Election results in confusion, Gareth explains how all the spheres of government in America work!
10 Nov 2022 12AM 5 min

Gareth's Monologue - The Most Least Attractive People

What makes someone unattractive? Gareth shares a list of countries with the least attractive people in Europe. There’s a new Chinese ‘flying car’, and find out why paintballs are being shot at Dutch wolves!
4 Nov 2022 12AM 30 min

Gareth's Monologue - Winning Lettuce & Angry Hippos

A couple of days ago a British tabloid asked what would last longer - Liz Truss or wet lettuce? The lettuce won! Next time you think of taking a swim, be careful, as a woman was attacked by a hippo during loadshedding, and a hotel was recently named one of…
21 Oct 2022 12AM 28 min

Gareth's Monologue - Being Self-Aware

Gareth is off to Turkey for a few days and is super excited about it. He also reflects on his interview with comedian Robby Collins, which leads to him talking about mental health.
7 Oct 2022 12AM 29 min

Gareth's Monologue - No Reward for being a Cheapskate

Gareth pays tribute to the late rapper Coolio. He also doesn’t understand people who are cheapskates, after finding an app that helps you find the cheapest fuel in your area, and calls out people who claim to create awareness about issues by cycling.
30 Sep 2022 12AM 27 min

Gareth's Monologue - Mindset Therapy

Gareth plays some of your voice notes and also goes through a list of social rules that may be obvious but not for everyone such as not calling someone more than twice or interrupting people when they talking.
23 Sep 2022 12AM 30 min

Gareth’s Monologue - Being Grumpy

Is Gareth going through menopause? Will he really be retiring? Remember the show Gladiators? Gareth spends the first couple of minutes of the show answering all these questions and more.
16 Sep 2022 12AM 27 min

Gareth’s Monologue - An Uncertain Future

The death of Queen Elizabeth II is a subject no one can ignore today. As the days unfold, the future of the monarchy and Britain as a whole will solidify as Prince Charles makes his transition to King Charles III. Gareth unpacks the monarchy’s history as a whole, and the…
9 Sep 2022 12AM 22 min

Gareth’s Monologue - Stop F***ing with my Content

Gareth kicks off the show by playing some voice notes sent to the new WhatsApp line. He gets into platforms deleting CliffCentral content, and some alternative options of listening if current methods aren’t working for you. Get in touch with us on 071 783 6214.
2 Sep 2022 12AM 13 min

Gareth’s Monologue - Free Speech vs Hate Speech

After the controversial AfriForum vs the EFF case came to an end yesterday, Gareth explains the definitions of hate speech vs offensive speech... and why he thinks the verdict might be a good thing. What does this outcome potentially mean for future hate speech cases?
26 Aug 2022 12AM 7 min

Gareth’s Monologue - Small Business Lip Service

Gareth talks about an article written by Terence Corrigan that mentions the Pope, who describes small and medium businesses as essential parts of the communities they operate in. He reacts to the patronising statements made in this article about small businesses not being profitable, but rather the backbone of small…
19 Aug 2022 12AM 16 min

Gareth's Monologue - Reflecting on the World

No politics Friday gets thrown out the window as Gareth starts off the show by reflecting on what’s been happening in world and shares his thoughts on how governments have got it wrong over the past few years and what he thinks need to happen for the economy to open…
12 Aug 2022 12AM 30 min

Gareth's Monologue - Should You Always Be Happy?

Is it normal for one to always be happy? Should it be considered as the default mood? Gareth opens up the show with a monologue that challenges how people are in the pursuit of happiness.
5 Aug 2022 12AM 24 min

Gareth's Monologue

If you need some motivation, listen to the first few minutes of this podcast as Gareth shares some encouraging words and his thoughts and opinions about what is currently happening in the world.
8 Jul 2022 12AM 24 min

One Thing for the Week: Find a Reason to Sue

This week Gareth challenges you to do some research, discover, and sue over historical grievances. This might take time but hey, who knows you just might be able to change your fortune due to the wrongdoings of the past.
8 Jun 2021 12AM 4 min

One Thing for the Week: Throw Something Away

It’s time to do some spring cleaning and get rid of the things you are hoarding... from old receipts, to that broken vase you thought you would fix, and anything else you don’t use.
31 May 2021 12AM 4 min

One Thing for the Week: Stalk an Animal

You might think it’s stupid or bizzare, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. See if you can catch an animal (hopefully not your pet), such as an Indian myna, to sharpen your ‘blending in with nature’ skills.
19 May 2021 1AM 4 min

One Thing for the Week: Reply to Scammers

The task for this week seems easy but is it really? Take some time to send a lengthy reply to the scam emails that you get, or even answer the phone call from the telemarketing company. Share your life story, or find out a bit more about them... the whole…
11 May 2021 1AM 3 min
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