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Tim Culley: The Central Art of Marketing

Is D.I.Y marketing the way of the future? How much of your target turnover should you spend on marketing your business? There is a wide spectrum of audiences across multiple platforms, how do you ensure that you cut through the noise in a content saturated world to engage them? Can consumption trends be tracked, and what value does that have in business? CliffCentral Creative is here to be your North Star in the marketing landscape in the post-Covid economy... and into the future. Gareth Cliff speaks to Tim Culley to find out more.

AmpaMist: Prevention through Sanitation

Do you know what you might be putting onto your hands and all over your body as you sanitise during these times? If you don’t, you’ll want to listen to this. There’s great headway being made to prevent SARS-CoV2 contamination, by BioConsulting and their Organic Fresh® Sanitiser. The team tells Gareth more about how their product is a carefully formulated complex, exclusively consisting of natural unique S4L Technology flavonoids and extracts with extensively researched sanitary, health, environmentally friendly and food safety benefits. Despite what you might have heard, it’s not all doom and gloom out there!

TEDxRedhillSchool 2020

For those who say youth is wasted on the young, Wangari Mbuthia is challenging all of those notions. TEDxRedhillSchool’s inaugural event was the brainchild of the 18-year-old matric student, and along with her teacher Adam Golding, they have compiled an illustrious list of speakers to address how we can start to imagine a prosperous global society post Covid-19.

Be Accountable: Clean Audits are Bliss

Why is it so important for Public Sector financial offices to be professionalised? Are accountants just bean counters or is interpretation of data and a range of other soft skills important to master the task of balancing the books? What is a 'clean audit' and how can one take proactive measures to achieve this financial clean bill of health? Gareth Cliff speaks to Inge Muller, CFO and CA(SA) on SANRAL, on why she is passionate about professionalising the SANRAL finance office through SAICA’s Associate General Accountants and Accounting Technicians designations. This is a position she’s held for the past 17 years.

A Beginner's Guide to navigating eCommerce

Is your business ready to open for (e)business? As South Africa’s lockdown regulations loosen up, it seems that we are slowly finding our rhythm again. But have you considered how maximising the eCommerce space could assist you in these times? eCommerce specialist Warrick Kernes provides tips and tricks on how to navigate the eCommerce space in this conversation.

#STGenNext20 - Part 1: The impact COVID-19 has had on the youth's brand perception in South Africa

Generations have historically been divided by impactful events. These events, typically create fear and uncertainty; change how people view the world, the past, and the future; and affect how people take risks and make decisions.

Every generation is experiencing the impact of COVID-19 differently, just as every brand will need to adjust their marketing strategies in order to reach and engage with each generation on a day to day basis.'s Siya Sangweni speaks to three youth representatives on their brand perceptions, daily consumption habits and ways in which brands should appeal to young buyers in this new day and age.  


What is individual freedom and can governments legislate for this? Is the prohibition of cigarettes infringing on the freedoms of not only individual rights, but the rights of legal tobacco traders who make way for illegal smugglers? Outside of the estimated R200 million cost to the tax coffers, what are the societal effects of cutting smokers off from cigarettes with no warning or alternative? Can there be freedom if the government doesn't engage its citizens and business stakeholders before implementing policy?

Sorbet Man Shower Diaries - Shahan Ramkissoon

How does one of the most well-groomed men on TV keep his grooming game strong while under lockdown? Gareth Cliff gets the scoop on eNCA's Shahan Ramkissoon’s secrets, that keep him looking ultra dashing for South African news viewers every weekday!

Legalities of Lockdown

As South Africa rolls out its tiered levels of lockdown, individual rights need to be clear - both for the authorities and the citizenry at large. Jerome Levitz, Director at Fluxmans Attorneys, answers the question of what you can be fined for during lockdown. How should you deal with an officer of the law if they approach or question your movements? If you do find yourself being arrested, what are the appropriate steps? There is a life-changing consideration that you must know about when you get the offer to pay an admission of guilt fine.

Sorbet Man Shower Diaries - Rich Mnisi

Fashion designer Rich Mnisi truly lives a life of glitz and glamour, so how has he been dealing with having to stay put indoors during the lockdown, while maintaining his looks? The man who lives and breathes fashion and grooming shares some of his beauty tips and tricks.

Be Accountable: A progressive pathway to accounting excellence

Whether you call them “bean counters” or “those that crunch the numbers”, you can’t get past the importance of efficient accountants.

If you run a business, have a voice in hiring of staff, or as an accountant yourself, do you know the benefits of belonging to a professional body?

Introducing Be Accountable - brought to you by SAICA, the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants. SAICA is the foremost accountancy body in South Africa and one of the leading Institutes in the world.

In this episode, Gareth Cliff speaks to Robert Zwane - SAICA’s Senior Executive: National Projects, Nation Building.

Sorbet Man Shower Diaries - Aki Anastasiou

Just because you might be at home under lockdown, doesn't mean you have to let yourself go! This is what media personality and Sorbet fan, Aki Anastasiou, explains to Gareth and Siya as he gives us some quick tips and tricks for maintaining great appearance from home. This is the first episode of Shower Diaries - conversations with men who know how to help you keep your grooming game strong - brought to you by Sorbet Man.

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