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Got Gold? - Questions & Answers

We take a look at the steady increase of the value of gold against other mainstream investment instruments. Have you ever wondered how you can sell and buy your gold? How to pay people in gold and your other questions are answered in this final episode.
Troy Gold

Got Gold? - Troy Gold Who?

We learn the story behind the name Troy Gold and find all about their app, as well as its innovative liquid features. If you would like to redeem your gold and keep it in your possession, Troy Gold now facilitates this process in a safe and easy way. You could one day be able to manage your financial affairs in gold. Find out more about their long term plans.
Troy Gold

Got Gold? – The Return on Gold

In this episode get to understand the value of gold and whether or not there’s ever a perfect time to invest in this precious metal. There are two categories of gold and we chat to the experts to learn the difference. And, find out how much of your portfolio should be put into gold if you’re thinking of making this investment.
Troy Gold

The Section 12J Show: What's the fuss about?

Do you know about Section 12J of the Income Tax Act No. 58 of 1962? Jeff Miller from Grovest pops in to The Gareth Cliff Show to educate us on what a Section 12J investment is. Find out how it works, the different types of investments, and get informed on all the dos and don’ts.

Got Gold? - The Value of Gold

It has a 6,000 year track record, and you can invest as little as R1 to get a piece of it! The Gareth Cliff Show team discuss gold’s innate value, the science of gold, as well as its many uses. This precious metal has a rich history... find out why it's such a great investment. Brought to you by Troy Gold.
Troy Gold

WEF 2019: Can we find new ways to save our planet?

It’s not the most obvious subject when it comes to technology, innovation and sustainability, but sanitation should be on your mind. If you don’t have sanitation, your life deteriorates and disease takes over; but if you do have it, you simply flush and forget. Professor Christopher Buckley has dedicated some 40 years to the Pollution Research Group, and along with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has studied and explored the challenges South Africa faces in water use and sustainability. He chats to Gareth Cliff about where we’re at and what’s next in human waste management.

WEF 2019: What skills are needed to thrive in the 4IR?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is already making striking change to the continent of Africa, proving to be a wave of impact that we can't help but take notice of. It brings innovation, technology and endless possibilities with it. But, how ready are we for it? As the founder and chief executive of Genesis Analytics, the largest economics-based consultancy in Africa, Stephan Malherbe elaborates on why we all ought to be equipped because the future is now.

WEF 2019: Can technology feed Africa's growing food needs?

Food security and food technology are major Fourth Industrial Revolution buzzwords - and not just because we need to find new ways to sustain ourselves and the planet. There are brilliant ways technology and innovation are taking us forward - and Leah Bessa is at the forefront of these. She’s making insect ice-cream, and she swears it’s delicious. She chats to Gareth Cliff about her business Gourmet Grubb, and food science in the 21st Century.

All Aboard... with Cruises International

Gareth Cliff is all prepped and ready to experience an adventure with Cruises International on board Crystal Cruises’ luxurious Serenity. Seymour Brugger, the company’s Sales & Marketing Manager, pops in to give him a taste of some of the wonders, sights and delights that await him on his European holiday.

Cruises International connects would-be travellers to some of the top cruise lines in the world and each year they send thousands of passengers on the voyage of their dreams.
Cruises International

Why Not Talk about Wine (Not)?

You’ve enjoyed Wine Not Pop Up Events every month - now get ready for a day out at the first ever Wine Not Festival. Gareth Cliff chats to Matthew Young and Warren Bryce Borthwick from Wine Not about what the festival has in store.

Events details:

Live entertainment throughout the day.
Select food vendors available.
Dress code: Casual.
Family-friendly, strictly no under 18s allowed in the bar area.
Cash, cards and Snapscan accepted.
Right of admission reserved.

Saturday 7 September
Venue: St Stithians College
Doors open at 10h00
Wine Not


It’s time to replace FOMO with JOMO - from fear of missing out to the joy of missing out! Saying "no" to buying something when we’re being enticed to buy out of a fear of missing out is probably one of the most important lessons a kid can learn. Gareth Cliff and the team chat about their own experiences of buying out of FOMO, and how it cost them more in the long run. Brought to you by Coronation – an authorised financial services provider - where they see through the seen to the unseen, which helps us grow our money.

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