Answering What’s The Future by exploring digital’s future impact. Every week the Futurology team explores the "Future of _______” with people that are doing - and not just talking - the future, right now. As the Futurology team, your hosts bring a diverse thought process based in a diverse and collective experience - they are... Brett Lindsay (B2), the Digital Philosopher and Engaging Content Specialist, strives to find solutions to unique problems by consulting to companies, in order to make the most effective use of new technology to enhance the way they do business through the power of engaging digital solutions. Brett St Clair (B3), the Ex Googler, turned digital banker and African Digital Disrupter, who loves being part of Africa's greatness by focusing on disrupting the status quo and accelerating growth through the frenetic buzz of developing exponential businesses. Michael Cowen, the Digital Renegade, an ex Agency, turned exDigital Management Consultant who builds sustainable digital solutions to solve real human problems. Every Wednesday from 12:00 - 13:00 the Futurology show digs into the tech, the trends and digital transformations that are happening and will change how we live, work and engage as people and as businesses. #thefutureiscoming
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The Finale

In the last episode of the Futurology Show (for now) the team discusses the guests who have been on the show, things that have changed, and what will change in the future. They explore what has been learnt and look back... way back... to throw forward about what’s coming next…
31 Jan 2018 47 min

2018: #ThinkDigital!

Part 1 of #ThinkDigital futurology looks at where we are going in 2018. What does digital mean to us? How do we need to embrace digital to redefine our lives and our businesses? 2018 also brings a lot of change for the Futurology Show - which we will discuss this…
24 Jan 2018 49 min

CXTECHFEST: Bringing Customer Experience to Life

In this podcast we chat to Tony Hughes about how you can bring the customer experience to life. Tony is the most read person in LinkedIn on B2B selling and shares his thinking on leadership, business-to-business (B2B) strategic sales, modernised selling, and sales enabling technologies.
13 Dec 2017 29 min

CXTECHFEST: Banking & the World of Customer Experience

Roelia Malan from FNB wants to live in a world filled with innovative people inventing extraordinary, and beautiful yet less complicated methods to perform day to day activities where ideas can be transformed into practical solutions in a blink of an eye. As a banker with over 10 years’ experience,…
13 Dec 2017 19 min

CXTECHFEST: Data-driven Customer Experiences

In this podcast we chat to Andrew Vorster, who shares his thinking about understanding your customer through data. Although Andrew has spent the last 20 years living in the UK, he is first and foremost an “Imbongi” – an African Storyteller, an honorific he picked up in his youth when…
13 Dec 2017 29 min

CXTECHFEST: Customer Experience & Social Media Monitoring

In this podcast we chat to Nic Ray from BrandsEye on social media mentoring and how it relates to the customer experience. Nic is the Chief Marketing Officer of BrandsEye. He is also a dad, a surfer and a keen, but unlucky fisherman. He cut his teeth in ad-land working…
13 Dec 2017 23 min

CXTECHFEST: 10 New Age Rules for Great Customer Experience!

In this podcast Simon Cranswick shares his 10 rules for a great customer experience. Simon has been a CX enthusiast for 20 plus years, and is especially passionate about how enabling technologies can assist organisations in driving and executing on their customer engagement strategies.
12 Dec 2017 15 min

CXTECHFEST: Technology Driven People Solutions

In this podcast we chat to Simon Clarke who combines his passion for people and technology. He works with a team of special people to deliver technology driven people solutions. For the past 23 years, retail and FMCG has been his home - mainly in HR.
12 Dec 2017 18 min

CXTECHFEST: CX In The Fast Food Industry

In this podcast we chat to Michael Emanuel, who runs the digital strategy at Famous Brands and is responsible for the development of digital solutions to meet the objectives of 27 diverse brands.
12 Dec 2017 21 min

CXTECHFEST: Welcome To Customer Experience 5.0

Self-made thousandaire, Mathew Cook is a family man first and an experienced SAP Solution and Product Innovation Architect @ NGA, involved with cross domain, cross functional, and cross-industry solutions. He likes long walks on the beach… when it rains.
11 Dec 2017 19 min

CXTECHFEST: Safer Cities & The Quality Of Experience

In this podcast we chat to JP Horne, who has been on the forefront of public sector innovation within the public sector for the last 20 years. His experience spans both spectrums of this sector, having serviced government while working for Microsoft and Oracle Corporation - as well as within…
11 Dec 2017 16 min

CXTECHFEST: Scaling CX Through Technology

In this podcast we chat to Christelle van de Merwe, whose presentation was around scaling the customer experience through technology. Christelle Van de Merwe is the Global Director of Customer Innovation and Transformation at Mimecast. Prior to this, Christelle’s passion for CX originated at the University of Cape Town with…
11 Dec 2017 18 min

CXTECHFEST: Artificial Intelligence Drives Smarter CX

Artificial Intelligence is the future of the business-technology landscape. It’s not good enough to just have a strategy and plan to use AI in your business, it’s important about how well it is executed, what is the impact of AI on consumers, business and our way of life today and…
10 Dec 2017 14 min

CXTECHFEST: In Math We Trust - Bitcoin & Blockchain

Human trust is undergoing its most significant transformation in history. Money is the second most important societal construct after language and is currently undergoing its biggest transformation. Beyond money, this will fundamentally change contracts and creative work, leaving no business untouched... leading some prominent computer scientists to call the blockchain…
10 Dec 2017 28 min

The Future of Work (recorded live at Huawei Innovation Zone)

The Futurology team goes live in the Huawei Innovation Zone. To change things around a bit we decided to do a live podcast with Brian Armstrong on the Future of Work. We were joined by a live audience who added their 2 cents worth. It was a fascinating, in depth…
6 Dec 2017 1 hr 07 min

BCX Disrupt

Ian Russell, CEO of BCX, joins the team in studio to discuss the BCX Disrupt event and all things causing #disruption - as well as adopting technology and new ways of working as we look to the future.
22 Nov 2017 43 min

The Trends of 2018

2017 is almost over and the gurus are starting to publish next year's big trends. Some are predictable - like AI and Machine Learning - and maybe old trends like AR will be back in vogue. Who knows? Well Mark Walker has a pretty good idea. He runs the Africa…
15 Nov 2017 43 min

The Future of Fake Social Media

Recently social media has been redefined by the massive spike in fake news, fake accounts, and general manipulation of the core message to suit specific agendas. The #Guptabots are a case in point, run out of India and spilling their vile evil across the social media channels. The team speaks…
8 Nov 2017 52 min
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