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It’s in your home everyday, during your morning drive to work, on the bus, even inside your pizza box. We sure do love advertising (sure, sometimes it makes us cringe), so hang out with Grant Sithole alongside some of the guys and girls behind the ads you love and sometimes loathe. We’ll chat, we’ll laugh, we’ll interrogate and because this is CliffCentral, it’ll be like no other ad show out there!
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Return to Chapman's Peak

Remember that guy who drove his car off a cliff all those years ago and lived to tell the story? Well Steven Tyler and his team at Net#Work BBDO went back there and he is here to tell us all about it. We talk process, clients who love great work…
14 Nov 2018 46 min

The Book Of Swag International & Greiispaces Show

They call themselves 'your agency's favourite agency' because they have a finger on the pulse of the culture like no one else out there. Lazi has made some of your favourite brands look good... they are in the stu and pull no punches. I mean, come on!
24 Oct 2018 54 min

Agencies are not Treated the Same: The Kagiso Musi Show

Kagiso Musi is in the stu and we get into all of it. Nike, The Odd Number and Wimpy, The Nandos ad, TBWA handing back their Loerie, Avatar and M&C Saatchi, ndi bala ntoni na? You want to listen to this show very carefully. I mean, come on!
5 Sep 2018 53 min

Musicians make for Great Advertising Creatives

Neo Makongoza and Lazarus Mathebula are in the studio and it is as raucous as you expect it to be. These musical minds share similarities, disparities and frustrations from both sides of the microphone/decks. We even get into that award that had to be sent back. I mean, come on.
29 Aug 2018 55 min

Everyone is Equal before the Idea: The Pete Khoury Show

Creative leader of TBWA Hunt Lascaris and Chairperson of The Creative Circle, Mr Pete Khoury is in the stu! This man lets us in on some of the gems that John Hunt leaves for him now and then. We also talk Cannes, transformation, and a whole lot more that your…
18 Jul 2018 47 min

Cape Town is open for business: The Mthunzi Show

The One Club Bootcamp is back in the country! We talk to Xolisa Dyeshana about the growth of the initiative and all about the new intake. We then shift gears and go to Cape Town to speak to Mthunzi Plaaitjie, MD of Avatar in Cape Town, who reminds us that…
4 Jul 2018 53 min

You want to go to Cannes? The Yenani and Ntando show

Two young minds and relevantly opinionated souls are in the studio and we get into it real quick. The work, the parties, the talks, the everything. It also gets pretty heated with disagreements. I mean, come on!!
27 Jun 2018 51 min

The Tebogo Malope Show

Yup, he is in the stu and we get into it from minute one. Tebogo talks about meeting Spike Lee, the difference between collaborating with agencies and artists, and what agencies could be doing better for the process. I mean, come on!
13 Jun 2018 49 min

Strategy that goes beyond the skin (tone)

Super Strategist and founder of the first underwear brand that caters to the African skin tone, Gugu Nkabinde is in the stu and she is dropping knowledge for free! You and your head of strategy need to hear this show. I mean, come on!
30 May 2018 48 min

Agency Culture Reflects Agency Work

Thembalethu Msibi and Mpumi Ngwenya-Tshabangu are in the stu! The team that created the much talked about Telkom ad with Kwesta talks about the way they create the work, strange agencies, and a whole lot more. I mean, come on!
23 May 2018 53 min

GRID at Coachella

In the stu today, we have two of GRID’s design greats pay us a visit. Wade Moonsamy, ranked No:1 Designer – Africa and Middle East by the Loeries, and SJ Naude (Creative Director). We are talking all things design and most importantly their Coachella experience. Tune in. Oh yeah, Lerato…
16 May 2018 55 min

When the Client starts an Agency: Rorisang Setlogelo

Is it stepping into or out of the dark side? We get into what it takes to collaborate with multinationals as effectively and efficiently as local clients. Rorisang tells us why she entered Cannes over the Prism awards. It gets pretty real pretty quickly. I mean, come on!!!
25 Apr 2018 51 min

Digital is Just a Medium: Kabelo Moshapalo

Digital is just a medium. So you still need to be great at it. Meadowlands is in the house!!! Kabelo Moshapalo, ECD at TBWA, is in the studio and we talk about it all. The resignation of Martin Sorrell, black kids in digital, access to ballet, all that. Also, we…
18 Apr 2018 53 min

Is it enough for ads to just have black people in them?

Your boi is rolling solo today! I unpack a few of the new ads out there and give mine and other people's opinions on them. But still respecting the fact that bad ads happen to good people all the time. I mean, come on!!
4 Apr 2018 25 min

Tjovitjo! SA's favourite Storytellers talk Storytelling

When you are the minds behind the most awarded production company at the 2018 SAFTAs, then you have to come and tell us how you do it. Vincent Moloi and Lodi Matsetela are in the stu and there are truth bombs and thought-provoking words everywhere. Your CD needs to hear…
28 Mar 2018 54 min

Are you still Underrating the Power of PR? Mbali Ndlovu

Mbali Ndlovu is in the stu with her entourage of PR dopeness (the rest of her squad even calls in at some point). We talk Listeriosis, The PR job for SA tourism during the water crisis, and she shoots some hard shots at convention and about having an all-black all-female…
7 Mar 2018 53 min

GRID has a new MD - The Masego Motsogi Show

The brand-newly appointed MD of GRID is in the stu and we pick her brain about everything. A phenomenal, passionate soul who shoots from the proverbial hip. ABOUT EVERYTHING! I mean, come on.
7 Feb 2018 53 min

The Grant Sithole Interview

Your emails and DMs have been heard! This show flips the script. Lerato Ngakane is in the studio and she interviews Grant Sithole. They cover everything from Avatar to Meadowlands to Entrepreneurship... and everything in between. I mean, come on!
24 Jan 2018 55 min

Advertising Creatives Influence other Industries

GreenPeace activist, filmmaker, writer and pretty much most things you can think of Lerato Ngakane is in the stu and it gets very lit very quickly. We get into all things advertising, while we find out about her journey through this game we love. I mean, come on!!
17 Jan 2018 52 min

Things Advertising Should Leave in 2017

Chocolate Milk and Cookies, a film production company with acclaimed director Raps Selogiloe at the helm, is in the stu and we get in there! We talk the H&M fiasco, 2018, and get into the things we really hope not to deal with in the new year. I mean, come…
10 Jan 2018 57 min
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