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Beyond Ears and Eyes

A show that features the weird and wonderful world of beliefs and the unseen forces that shape our lives. Presented by Shemane Harris and Liezl Thom, Beyond Ears and Eyes seek to explore the intersection between body, mind and spirit.
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Advanced Body Class with Penni Du Plessis

The body has an infinite capacity to renew itself. It tells you about possibilities that you can achieve now and in future. The body gauges our state of being and warns us about the onset of mental and or physical illness. Our bodies also set us up to take opportunities…
7 Feb 2018 52 min

DNA Activation with Dr Rita

Shemane and Liezl learn more about DNA activation and the Modern Mystery School from Dr Rita Van Den Berg.
24 Jan 2018 53 min

Lucid Dreaming

Ever had one of those flying dreams? Want to do it again - at will? Then lucid dreaming is for you. David Tyfield teaches people how to lucid dream. Shemane and Liezl find out more…
16 Jan 2018 48 min

The Nature of Ego

Shemane and Liezl speak to Bernie Vorster about the nature of ego. Meditation, dreams and 'the shadow' are also touched upon in this fascinating discussion.
5 Dec 2017 56 min

Connecting with Nature

Shemane and Liezl find out from author and life coach Sal Roux how connecting with nature brings us closer to God.
28 Nov 2017 54 min

Using Energy to Heal Humans & Animals

Rudy Hunter has extensive knowledge about energy work and his experience stretches over years. His focus is holistic, working with both body and emotions - animal and human.
21 Nov 2017 57 min

Parallax Effect of Human Emotions

Shemane and Liezl chat to emotional speaker and anti-bullying campaigner Emanuel Pietersen about the parallax effect of human emotions.
31 Oct 2017 56 min

Personal Power

Join Shemane and Liezl as they learn more about Personal Power from Michelle Bennetts.
24 Oct 2017 56 min

Progressive Christianity: Philip Liebenberg

Philip Liebenberg moved away from Christianity as we traditionally know it, more than 20 years ago when he started his own gay church. This church has in the meantime grown to embrace what they term Progressive Christianity.
17 Oct 2017 56 min

The Art of Reading Tea Leaves

Hermi Schapiro joins Shemane and Liezl for a cup of tea to tell them more about Tasseography or Tessomancy - the art of tea leaf reading.
10 Oct 2017 53 min

Past Lives

Are past lives real and if so, how relevant are they for healing present lives? Shemane Harris and Liezl Thom delve more into this topic with guests Janine Morningstar Chauveau, Lorna and Rebecca.
3 Oct 2017 50 min


Kevin McKee tells Liezl and Shemane about a relatively new, non-invasive healing method called Pellowah. It works on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. Pets, plants and humans can gain from this healing modality. Using Pellowah can help one settle into one's sense of self.
26 Sep 2017 45 min

The Angel of Death

Well-known medium, angel whisperer, inspirational speaker, and writer Belinda Bras-Nel shares her insights about the Angel of Death.
19 Sep 2017 56 min

DNA Healing & Inherited Hurts

Shemane and Liezl talk to indigenous knowledge expert Bokka du Toit about DNA healing and dealing with the hurts we've inherited from our ancestors.
12 Sep 2017 52 min

Soul Whispering

Vanessa A'Wakan is a Soul Whisperer and Hawaiian Shaman, who is also a trained Louise Hay facilitator. Liezl finds out more about her work.
5 Sep 2017 56 min

The Spirit of Energy

Shuveny Bower Louw joins Shemane and Liezl to discuss the Spirit of Energy.
29 Aug 2017 55 min

Sacred Sexual Healing

Find out how sacred sexual healing can open up your life with Kevin McKee - a transformation coach, healer and teacher.
15 Aug 2017 51 min
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