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KZN honours Queen of Rock n Roll, Tina Turner

Tina Turner, a pioneering female Rock n Roll star, has sadly passed away due to a long-term illness. With her rise to fame in the 1980's, many are honouring her music and impact by crowning her the Queen of Rock n Roll.
25 May 5 min

Bad hair days across KZN spark reactions

We've all had a bad hair day or two but some get it way worse. Have you ever had a hair salon disaster? Stacey and J Sbu investigate these horror stories.
25 May 9 min

How KZN kiddies secure their pocket money

Whether it be a lemonade stand, washing cars or selling some sweet treats, there are so many ways to make some pocket money. Stacey and J Sbu decided to call on the Kiddies Hotline to find out how East Coasters make their pocket money.
24 May 4 min

TRENDING: Only inviting guests to a certain part of your wedding

The trend of inviting guests to your wedding ceremony but not extending an invite to the reception afterwards is booming! Stacey and J Sbu have decided to investigate this pressing matter with their fellow East Coasters and get to the bottom of why this is happening.
23 May 12 min

Stacey and J Sbu comment on banning Winnie the Pooh

Who could possibly have an issue with Winnie the Pooh? Turns out, one of the most powerful men in the world finds him unbearable. To hear what Stacey and J Sbu think about this and the cotton on fiasco on Twitter, listen here:
23 May 2 min

Stacey shares her take on the promenade closures

Many uMhlanga residents have been left heartbroken by the demarcation of this area due to effects of "the UPL chemical spill" amidst the KZN floods of 2022. Despite all the adversity faced, the nature reserve is officially open again, but only up until just after the lagoon. The rest is…
12 May 1 min

Aftercare confession leaves Mzansi divided

Child safety is one of the most important issues in our current state of affairs. One ECR listener brought to Stacey and J Sbu's attention that an unqualified and untrained individual was hired at her kid's aftercare centre.
11 May 9 min
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