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The Roman Empire trend blows KZN's mind

Do you ever wonder what's going on inside the minds of men? A viral trend on TikTok has unveiled the truth and it's a lot stranger that you think. The ancient history of the Roman Empire is taking over social media feeds around the globe and Mike V just can't…
18 Sep 3 min

EXCLUSIVE: Teachers of KZN share highs and lows

Teachers encourage minds to think, inspire hope, and foster a prosperous future for kids. They are the unsung heroes of our nation who are selfless in their actions. Today we honour teachers and all that they do in our province.
7 Sep 3 min

Bugged Clue 10 - Mic 1

The Daily Clues adventure has commenced. Each day, we'll present you with brand new clues about the enigmatic sounds echoing from the depths of KZN. Danny Guselli, who is filling in for Carol Ofori made sure that the next clue would be revealed.
2 Aug 2 min

Bugged Clue 3 – Mic 1

We’ve hidden sounds across KZN... Can you hear them? Find the clues for your chance to grab the ching! Here's a look at what Deon G had in store with regards to the next clue…
31 Jul 1 min

Mike V shares exclusive scoop AKA's limited edition tribute t-shirts

In a touching Instagram post, the father of the late South African rapper,AKA, shared how he will be commemorating his son’s remarkable life and his deep connection with clothing brand Cultish. The legacy of SA music icon, Kiernan 'AKA' Forbes, will be honoured with the release of a limited edition…
1 Jun 2 min

KZN's favourite son SJAVA joins Mike V for a conversation.

One of SA’s important musical voices will be on-air this evening 😃 Mike V will be giving you all the vibes, local music, and the legend himself SJAVA for this evening’s Play Local show #MikeVOnECR #PlayLocalMusic #SJAVA
28 May 10 min

Here's why you have to visit Surf Riders Café

Surf Riders Café is a vibey spot with "Just Good Chow". This food shack offers almost anything you could want and more that you can fathom. You have to check it out! Listen to Samantha Smallshaw, the ingenious chef behind this one-of-a-kind culinary experience.
28 Apr 3 min

Free tattoo for Mental Awareness campaign in KwaZulu-Natal

Surreal Tattoos is changing the game with this amazing initiative. The studio has decided to have an event dedicated to giving free tattoos to individuals who have faced mental health issues, any form of abuse, addictions as well as infertility. This tattoo will serve as a representation of what the…
23 Mar 2 min
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