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'Magic Mike' leaves the East Coast in stitches

Mike V has a wedding coming up and is the MC. Unfortunately, something strange happened on the website. This wild ride left the East Coast in stitches. Would you use ChatGPT to write your vows? Mike V shares how Stacey and J Sbu reported on this phenomenon not so long…
9 Jul 5 min

EXCLUSIVE: Comrades Marathon winners minutes after victory | Mike V

This weekend, the rub meet the road for Comrades runners, in their quest to conquer the 97th Comrades Marathon. The Up Run from Durban to Pietermaritzburg was no easy journey, it was one that required strength, training and proper endurance. Mike V caught them on the finish line minutes after…
9 Jun 3 min

Paying the bill: Do you pay it in full if you send out invites? | Deon G

Ah, the age-old question that's caused countless awkward fumbles at restaurant tables: who picks up the tab? Traditionally, the etiquette dictated that the inviter pays, but times (and wallets) are changing. So, should this custom stay or should it go? An invitation can be seen as an extension of hospitality,…
23 Apr 11 min

Best and worst advice: Tell us your stories | Deon G

Deon G asked East Coasters to tell him about the best and worst advice they've been given. Before opening the line for KZN to speak up, traffic lead Andi James and sports lead Faheedah Crouch shared their stories. We suggest you get a pen and notebook ready before listening in!
23 Apr 8 min

Butch James talks Chasing the Sun 2 with Deon G

Deon G had the opportunity to chat with former Springbok flyhalf Butch James about Chasing the Sun 2. The five-part documentary series displays the awe-inspiring journey of the Springbok team in the 2023 Rugby World Cup.
19 Apr 5 min

Mispronouncing place names: Do you do it? | Deon G

Ah, KwaZulu-Natal - a land of stunning beauty, vibrant culture, and... places that trip up even the most seasoned travellers. Don't worry, it happens to the best of us! But fear not, fellow explorer (and residents), as we’re here to equip you with the knowledge to confidently navigate KZN's trickier…
19 Apr 9 min

REVEAL: The location of the final East Coast Radio mural | Mike V

Over the past year, East Coast Radio has unveiled striking murals across three locations in KwaZulu-Natal. These murals are not just artworks; they are vibrant symbols of community pride and unity. Don't miss the excitement of the upcoming mural reveal event this weekend. We're thrilled to share where this burst…
19 Apr 2 min

Pay cheque as a movie title | Deon G

Deon G asked KZN if they were to describe their pay cheque as a move title, what would it be? East Coasters did not disappoint with their creativity and hilarious responses. Listeners of all generations shared movie titles that left the team laughing their socks.
18 Apr 7 min

The last time you went to the cinema | Deon G

Remember those epic pre-pandemic movie nights? Apparently, things have gotten a bit more lit... expensive, that is. Ster-Kinekor and Nu-Metro, the cinema kings of SA, have jacked up their prices. We're talking double, even triple what they were charging back in 2014! Some folks blame the pandemic for this box…
18 Apr 15 min

Mike V makes local runner pinky promise to attend The Big Walk

Mike V is on a mission to get you to the Suncoast East Coast Radio Big Walk on 26 May 2024. If you haven’t bought your tickets yet then this is your sign. Shaina-Rae is a local runner and East Coast Coast Radio presenter who has pledged to Mike V…
18 Apr 2 min

Jaw-dropping R11 000 quick quiz! Did Pearl win it?

R11 000 is up for grabs in Darren Maule's Quick Quiz. Mike V is in the host seat this week and has first time contestant, Pearl on this show. In a twisted turn of events, Pearl has the chance to win this money. Did she do it? Take a listen…
18 Apr 3 min

Two Oceans Marathon winner helps us prepare for The Big Walk

Mike V has been undergoing strenuous training ahead of The Big Walk. It is a day of being out with fellow Durbanites whilst being on your feet for extended periods of time. Miek V has called on a professional for assistance, Two Oceans Marathon winner Onalenna Khonkhobe.
16 Apr 2 min

"I didn't feel like driving for an hour so I flew instead"

Feeling too lazy to take a drive? How about taking a short flight from Richards Bay to Durban? In a society where time is money, the peak definition of wealth is paying for convenience. This choice has been embraced by a TikTok content creator after she hopped on a flight…
4 Apr 4 min

Investigating KZN's bizarre tin fish 'controversy' | Mike V

There is something fishy going on in KwaZulu-Natal... One TikToker, Juhi Sanam Maharaj, went viral for what she believed to be using tinned fish “properly.” This local woman from Port Shepstone has received much backlash for her choice of not washing the fish. East Coast Radio's Mike V investigates this…
7 Mar 6 min

EXCLUSIVE: Young entrepreneurs from Ben and Jacks' ice cream shop

It's getting hot in the 031 and that means it's time for a delicious scoop of frozen goodness - ice-cream. Styles Mbatha brings you the exclusive. In the heart of Durban North, a sweet sensation has emerged, captivating the taste buds and warming the hearts of locals. Durban North's own,…
2 Dec 2023 7 min

Sam Cele chats with Kelly Khumalo

Sam Cele chats with Kelly Khumalo about her 20-year career in the music industry. Khumalo shares her thoughts on the public's reception of her new single, "Emaweni," and reflects on her experiences in the spotlight. She also discusses her musical influences and the creative process behind her latest release.
20 Nov 2023 5 min
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