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TCS+ | Online scams in Africa: how cybercriminals trick victims

Nearly half of 800 African survey participants have fallen victim to an online scam at least once, losing thousands of dollars in the process and compromising their personal data. Alarmingly, more than half (53%) of the respondents who fell victim were convinced the offer was legitimate because the website looked…
21 Sep 25 min

TCS | The Levy brothers on the future of Blue Label and Cell C

When JSE-listed Blue Label Telecoms released its annual results two weeks ago, it showed its core business continuing to grow at a respectable pace. Yet investors dumped the share, worried about a lack of disclosure about Cell C’s performance. Now, in an exclusive interview with the TechCentral Show (TCS), the…
12 Sep 1 hr 18 min

TCS+ | Altron’s Caryn Vos on why, in security, encryption is king

Cryptography and encryption are pivotal in modern cybersecurity operations. Altron Systems Integration senior manager for cryptography Caryn Vos tells TechCentral’s TCS+ technology show about key reasons why this is the case. Vos tells TechCentral editor Duncan McLeod about why organisations need to get encryption right if they’re serious about protecting…
12 Sep 32 min

TCS+ | Why more isn’t always better in IT security

It’s easy to keep layering security solutions on top of a company’s IT systems, but this can lead to complexity, high costs and other unnecessary headaches. This is where security control validation can play a big role, according to information security specialists CYBER1 Solutions. In this episode of TechCentral’s TCS+,…
15 Aug 56 min

TCS | Sumeshin Naidoo on Sigfox and the future of IoT in South Africa

It’s been a year since investors, including the business’s own customers, came to the rescue the Sigfox internet-of-things (IoT) network in South Africa. Now its chief commercial officer, Sumenish Naidoo, has told the TechCentral Show (TCS) that Sigfox South Africa is not only on a sustainable growth trajectory, but has…
10 Aug 34 min

TCS+ | Inside e4, with group CEO Grant Phillips

Grant Phillips, group CEO of e4, recently joined Jaydev Chiba on TechCentral’s TCS+ to discuss the company’s inner workings, its future goals and its strategic outlook. With expertise and extensive experience in the proptech and fintech spaces, e4 has positioned itself as an industry leader. Its longstanding client relationships and…
8 Aug 28 min

TCS+ | Justin Hume unpacks Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold5 and Flip5

It’s hard to believe that Samsung Electronics is already five generations into the Galaxy Z series of foldable smartphones, with the Korean consumer electronics giant this week launching its Fold5 and Flip5 globally and in South Africa. The devices show that Samsung has perfected the folding-screen technology – and its…
4 Aug 26 min

TCS+ | Internet users in Africa still too lax about cybersecurity

In a landscape dominated by mobile transactions and connections, fewer than 30% of individuals say they are “very concerned” about cybercrime. However, the risk of crypto scams, social engineering attacks, ransomware and phishing remains consistently high. This was revealed in a recent report dubbed Cybersecurity & Awareness Report 2023 by…
2 Aug 19 min

TCS | Joel Bronkowski on Paystack’s big expansion plans

Nigerian fintech Paystack, which was acquired by Stripe, the Irish-American firm founded by the Collison brothers in 2020 for US$200-million, has big plans to expand elsewhere in Africa. Joel Bronkowski, Paystack’s country head for South Africa, joins the TechCentral Show (TCS) to talk about these expansion plans as well as…
27 Jul 25 min

TCS+ | Managing IT in ‘dark’ times (a CIO’s guide to doing business in SA)

Power outages, particularly load shedding, are causing significant business disruption in South Africa. Electricity supply challenges are disrupting daily life, affecting businesses and damaging the economy. TechCentral’s Jaydev Chiba chatted to Fikile Sibiya, CIO at e4, the fintech solutions provider, about the challenges of managing IT in the dark (literally)…
20 Jul 37 min

TCS | Superbalist founders on their new venture, Bash

Luke Jedeikin and Claude Hanan are well known for founding Superbalist, the online fashion store bought in 2014 by Takealot Group. Now the pair has embarked on a new venture, launched in The Foschini Group (TFG) stable, called Bash, and they tell Duncan McLeod on the TechCentral Show (TCS) all…
17 Jul 1 hr 01 min

TCS | Takealot Group CEO Mamongae Mahlare on the outlook for e-commerce

What does the future hold for e-commerce in South Africa? Takealot Group CEO Mamongae Mahlare joins the TechCentral Show (TCS) to unpack this and more. In the interview, Mahlare talks about her career background and how she came to Takealot. She also discusses: • The transformative impact of the Covid-19…
10 Jul 55 min

TCS | Volvo MD Greg Maruszewski: SA is ready for EVs

Volvo Cars, part of Sweden’s Volvo Group, has seen a big growth in interest in electric vehicles from the South African motoring public – and the company hopes the introduction early next year of its most affordable EV yet, the EX30, will accelerate that. That’s according to Volvo Cars South…
29 Jun 25 min

TCS | Bryan Hattingh on what’s required of leaders in 2023

Bryan Hattingh, CEO of Cycan, is well-known in South Africa’s technology industry for his leadership coaching and for helping companies find top talent. Hattingh joins Duncan McLeod on the TechCentral Show (TCS) to discuss what he believes is required of leadership in a post-Covid world – hint: it’s not more…
28 Jun 1 hr 03 min

TCS+ | FNB's Christoph Nieuwoudt on the AI revolution

First National Bank’s Christoph Nieuwoudt is one of the leading South African – and global – experts on artificial intelligence. The financial services group’s chief data and analytics offer, Nieuwoudt joins Duncan McLeod on TechCentral’s TCS+ business technology show to explain why, in his view, South African organisations cannot afford…
26 Jun 1 hr 01 min

TCS | Andile Ngcaba on his go-global investment plans

It’s been just over 20 years since Andile Ngcaba quit his government job – he was director-general of communications – and became an investor in the technology sector. Now, in an interview with Duncan McLeod on the TechCentral Show (TCS), Ngcaba looks back at the past two decades, the formation…
23 Jun 45 min

TCS | Bayobab CEO Frédéric Schepens on wiring up Africa

Following the recent decision to rebrand MTN GlobalConnect as Bayobab, founder and CEO Frédéric Schepens joins the TechCentral Show (TCS) to chat about the telecommunications infrastructure provider’s expansion plans. Bayobab, which owns stakes in a number of subsea cable systems and other telecoms infrastructure, is the result of “change under…
22 Jun 36 min

TCS+ | Stay focused to filter out cybersecurity threats

If you are worried about the threat of social engineering and the ways cybercriminals are looking to attack our most vulnerable assets, then this TCS+ conversation is not going to bring you much comfort. What it will do, though, is remind you that you are responsible for your actions and…
21 Jun 25 min

TCS+ | Property transfers are painful - how e4 is using tech to solve the problem

The process of transferring property from one owner to another can be a major hassle, involving a ton of paperwork and many hours. E4, a company that leverages technology to transform customer processes, joined TechCentral’s TCS+ business technology show to discusses innovating the property transfer process for a more efficient…
15 Jun 22 min

TCS+ | Fortinet’s Gary Peel on cloud security priorities in 2023

Fortinet recently released its 2023 Cloud Security Report. The report surveyed 752 cybersecurity professionals from around the globe and across all industries to uncover the key priorities and challenges that must be addressed to empower cloud success. To discuss the finding and related topics, Gary Peel, business development manager: cloud…
14 Jun 20 min
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