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Technowledge is a podcast about tech, nerdy things and more nerdy things! Join Dion and Gary as they get mad, argue, celebrate and discuss tech news, rumours and opinions. 30 minutes of intrigue, education and information is what you get with Technowledge!
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Your selfies are being used to make porn and here is how

On this week's episode of technowledge Jordan Gary talk about a very controversial issue that is happening on the internet code deep fakes and how people are missing using ground breaking AI to make explicit content.we also talk about WhatsApp it necessary ?kwenga could this be the next big…
8 Feb 2018 42 min

How To Make it in Tech with Nyasha Madzima

A very special episode, this week Dion and Gary talk techprenuership with Nyasha Madzima! Nyasha founded Blacktoe TV in 2013. Blacktoe TV is a video on demand service that shows content across the web. We talk how he made it with Blacktoe TV and how others could do the same…
30 Jan 2018 44 min

Are sex dolls the future?

In this episode, Dion and Gary talk about the craze of sex dolls, the new apparatus of pleasure. Do we need them? Do we want them? and are they any good? Whatsapp have officially launched Whatsapp for business but is it in Zimbabwe? Nintendo plan to sell cardboard, Chrome isn't…
30 Jan 2018 48 min

Is Youtube still user Friendly?

Its 2018! After a video showing a suicide victim's body went viral on YouTube, we ask whether the site is still user friendly. Also, what will the world do when nearly every computer is at risk of being hacked? Dion and Gary talk the Intel bugs. Finally, do you know…
15 Jan 2018 47 min

Net Neutrality: Part 2

In this episode, Dion and Gary speak about Net Neutrality. With the FCC in the US deciding whether to keep Net Neutrality or not soon, we ask what does this mean for Zimbabwe and the world.
7 Dec 2017 36 min

The Electronic Art of Gambling

Technowledge is back and for good this time. First things first, whats going on with EA? Gary and Dion discuss the microtransaction hell that is Battlefront 2. Also on the agenda, iPhone X and Pixel 2, are they good phones? Which should you get and more
27 Nov 2017 36 min


In this episode, We talk about the new iPhone X. All the new features (well, new to the iPhone that is) and the hype behind the phone. Kwesé links up with Netflix we talk about the implications. Also, TelOne enters the Netflix arena with a new video on demand service.
17 Sep 2017 43 min

Apple Takes Note & Kwese is not quite Kwese

In this episode, Samsung release the Note 8. Is it any good? Dion and Gary dissect the new phablet. The latest version of Android, Android Oreo is officially launched. Which phones are getting it and which phones aren't? Elsewhere, more Kwese woes as the Econet subsidiary loses its broadcasting licence.
28 Aug 2017 50 min

How to buy Maputi with WhatsApp

This week, we talk WhatsApp. The messaging platform is looking to go beyond messaging and into businesses and payments. Gary seems to have lost his segueing magic. Disney leave Netflix. We ask why. And so much more tech news!
15 Aug 2017 46 min

Yes, we finally talked about Apple

Dion finally pushes Gary to talk about the rumoured iPhone X. Will it have TouchID? Will it have bezels? Another rumoured phone is the Pixel 2, and Dion is not happy. WannaCry hero arrested for making bank hacking trojan. Dion and Gary also talk automation.
8 Aug 2017 45 min

The Pirates of The Africa-ribean

In this episode, Dion and Gary talk pirates! And no not those kind of pirates, software pirates. Why they do it. Where they do it. And should they do it? An update from the First Global Robotics Competition and the Burundi team.
2 Aug 2017 46 min

Ataribox one Atari

In this episode, Dion and Gary discuss the vacuum of good deals in Southern Africa. Atari are back! ..and are releasing a new console, The Atari Box. Dion complains about the OnePlus 5 and its numerous problems.
27 Jul 2017 19 min

The 1 + 5 = 7 Episode

This week Dion and Gary talk about the EcoCash's newest milestone. What's behind the price spikes on graphics cards? The Core i9's blazing hot performance and lastly the most controversial phone so far this year, the One Plus 5.
3 Jul 2017 46 min

Technowledge Special Episode The E3 Review

Dion and Gary, present to you a special type of episode. It may have come late, but all good things come to those who wait. The two go back and talka about some of the most important things that came out of The biggest gamer's expo of the year, E3…
29 Jun 2017 1 hr 03 min

Should H-Metro be worried about Online Content Pirates?

This week we talk WWDC! Apples mega tech conference for developers. Is the new $5000 iMac worth it New Ios features and a whole new device called the HomePod. Locally, are H-Metro doing enough to stop piracy of their journalism
26 Jun 2017 46 min

The Net Neutrality Covfefe

Not a lot of tech news, but a lot of Covfefe as Kwesé becomes the biggest Free to Air TV player in Africa with 50 million viewers. The Essential phone is announced. Who made it? Is it essential? And finally Dion and Gary talk net neutrality, what is it, how…
7 Jun 2017 43 min

The Google I/O episode

Following the craze of the Alphabet event, Dion and Gary discuss all the big news. From Android O and Android Go to Googles AI projects.
30 May 2017 46 min

Around Snapchat and Paying Through Your Fingers

This week, Instagram steals the last big Snapchat feature, Snapchat Lens. Can Snap still compete? Samsung Pay is introduced in Britain and Dion argues EcoCash is better. And 4 years after introduction, Telecel to upgrade to 4G LTE.
26 May 2017 28 min

Who hacked my unHackable Computer?

A lot happened this passed week! Ransomware on your computer, intel to release the new core i9 in August and should you get the new OnePlus5? And of course, we talk on Microsofts newest iteration of OS, Windows 10S.
17 May 2017 44 min
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